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Facebook Audience Sync
Sync Custom segments to your Meta Ads Manager
Sync Custom segments to your Meta Ads Manager

Automatically sync custom segments to your Facebook audience list so you can create targeted Facebook & Instagram ads

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Connect your Facebook Ads Manager account to your Marsello account and automatically sync your custom segments straight to Facebook to easily create highly targeted Facebook & Instagram Ads.

Before you get started

Here are key details about syncing custom segments to your Facebook Ads Manager:

  • You'll need to have an active Facebook account that manages your Facebook Business Page. Please also make sure that your Facebook Ads Manager account is also connected to a Facebook Business Manager account.

  • Marsello will not add a signup form or post to your personal Facebook profile.

  • Marsello will automatically sync your selected audience every hour keeping your Facebook Audience as up-to-date as possible. Please note, only customers who accept marketing will be synced to Facebook Audience list.

Connect your Facebook Ads Manager Account

  1. In your Marsello admin, go to Settings > Integrations > Extensions

  2. Next to Facebook Audience Sync click Connect

  3. Click Authenticate to start linking your Marsello & Facebook accounts

This will direct you to Facebook's permissions process to link your account.

4. Complete the required Facebook permissions

  • You will be asked to provide Marsello with your name and profile picture.
    Click Continue as (your profile name).

  • You will be asked to approve Marsello to update the following options.
    Please make sure all options are enabled and click Done.

  • Facebook will confirm that your Marsello & Facebook accounts are linked.
    Click OK to continue.


This will redirect you back to your Marsello admin.

5. Select your Facebook Ad account in Marsello.

6. Click Save

Select your chosen custom segments to sync

The custom segments you have created in Segments will automatically populate under your Facebook Custom Audience Sync page.

⚠️ Important: If you haven't created any custom segments yet, you'll need to create at least one segment to be able to sync across to Facebook. Learn more: How to create custom segments.

1. Turn on the Custom Segments that you wish to sync to Facebook Audience list

This will automatically sync these segments into your Facebook Audience list and then continue to sync ongoing every hour.

πŸ“ Note:

  • Marsello will only sync customers who accept marketing from your store.

  • The customer will need to use the same email address for their Facebook profile as their email listed in your Marsello customer database to be able to sync them into your Facebook Audience.

Viewing your Marsello custom segments in your Facebook Audience list

1. In your Facebook Ads manager admin

2. Click the Business Tools icon,

3. Click Audiences (or scroll to Audiences if it doesn't show under shortcuts)

Under Audiences, you'll see your enabled Marsello custom segments populated.



Q. How can I check to see if my Facebook sync feature is set up correctly?

A. In order for the Facebook Audience sync to work, you must first create a custom segment in your Marsello app admin.

Q. How do I enable Facebook sync?

A. To enable go to Integrations > Add ons > Facebook custom audience. From here you'll need to:

  • Authorize access

  • Click to personalize Facebook site first

  • Go to profile ads manager

Please note that the Facebook custom audience sync:

  • Only pulls the custom segment

  • Needs to have new RFM segments manually created in the custom segment section as RFM segments won't sync

Q. What specific information gets synced in from Facebook integration to Marsello?

A. Facebook data doesn't sync to Marsello, we only sync the audience into Facebook.

Q. How often does the sync from Facebook occur?

A. The sync will happen hourly as long as your audience is greater than 100 and the customers accept marketing.

Q. Is it possible to remove the customer from the Facebook sync segment?

A. Currently it is not possible to remove a customer from the segment.

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