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Processing a return that contains a Marsello discount in Cin7 Omni POS on Chrome
Processing a return that contains a Marsello discount in Cin7 Omni POS on Chrome

How to process a return in Cin7 POS, when your customer has redeemed a loyalty reward or email discount during their original purchase.

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For Cin7 Omni merchants
(Formerly known as Cin7 POS)

Before you get started

Here are some key details to note about processing a retailer that contains a Marsello discount in Cin7 Omni POS:

  • If you use Cin7 Omni POS on a desktop or laptop computer, ensure you have installed the Google Chrome extension for Marsello on every computer you use in-store.

  • Giving the reward back is an optional step depending on your store's individual policies.


Processing returns that contain a Marsello discount with Cin7 Omni POS

1. From your Cin7 POS go to Sales > Sales Orders and search for the sale to be returned using the customer's name or order number.

2. Click into the order number you wish to make the return on.

3. Click on the total discount line item and reverse the discount to a negative.

4. Complete the refund.

📝Note: The refund must be for the full amount of the purchase regardless of whether or not the customer is returning one item or all items. You will need to create a new sale for the items which are not being returned.

5. Recheck out any items from the original purchase that are not being returned on this refund. If the customer wishes to keep the discount on this reward, you will need to give the reward back in Marsello (following the steps below) and redeem the new code on this order.


How to give the reward back to the customer in Marsello

If the refund included a loyalty reward as part of the order, you'll need to refund the customer's loyalty points for that reward discount.

📝Note: Adjusting the customer's points balance is discretionary and may vary based on your store's policies.

1. In your Marsello admin, go to Customers

2. Search for the customer by Name or Email Address

3. Select the customer by clicking on their Name

4. Under their customer profile, click Adjust points balance

5. Enter the number of points the reward redeemed on the purchase was worth:

📝Note: This is the same amount of points that were used to redeem the loyalty reward.

[Optional]: Choose to send the customer a Points Earned Email
If you would like to notify the customer of their updated points balance:

  • Select the tick-box next to "Send points notification email to customer?".

  • Add a short message in the text box to notify the customer why their points balance was updated e.g. Here are your loyalty points back that you used to redeem your reward.

💡Pro tip: Include the sale number in the message so your customer has a record of what these points earned were from.

7. Click Apply points adjustment to confirm the points adjustment.

The customer's points balance will automatically be updated. The manual points adjustment will display as a new line on the customer's activity feed.

If you choose to send a Points Earned Email, the customer will be notified of their new points balance.

8. Click Spend points:

9. The Loyalty Widget will appear where you can spend the customer's points to give their reward back.

10. After clicking Redeem, the Reward will be added back to the customer's available Rewards so they can redeem it on another purchase.


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