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How to create a 'Marsello Discount' Product in Cin7 Omni
How to create a 'Marsello Discount' Product in Cin7 Omni
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For Cin7 Omni merchants
​(Formerly known as Cin7 POS)

Before you get started

Here are some key details to note about the Marsello Discount Product:

  • To allow your customers to redeem loyalty rewards & email discounts at Cin7 Omni POS, you'll first need to create a discount product in Cin7 Omni.

  • Marsello uses a Cin7 Omni product to be able to add loyalty rewards & email discounts to the sale at POS.

  • Please ensure you have also installed the Marsello Chrome Extension on every desktop you use to access the Cin7 Omni POS in-store to redeem discounts. Learn more.


How to create a Marsello Discount Product in Cin7 Omni

1. In your Cin7 Omni admin, go to Products and click Create New Product

2. Next to Product Name, please enter 'Marsello Discount'

3. Next to Stock Control, please select Non Stock

4. Click Save & Continue

5. In the URL bar, please copy your entire Product URL

6. In your Marsello admin, in the Complete your Cin7 Omni connection pop-up enter your entire Product URL.

7. Click Connect Cin7.

Marsello will then link your Cin7 Omni Product to your Marsello account. This will allow you to create loyalty rewards and email discounts that your staff will be able to redeem at Cin7 Omni POS.


How this works – Your staff member's experience

Once you have created the Marsello Discount Product in Cin7 Omni and installed the Marsello Chrome extension, your customers will be able to start redeeming rewards or discounts sent via email at Cin7 Omni POS.

The staff member will add the customer to the sale, and then click the Check Rewards button within the customer section. This will open the customer's loyalty profile.

If the customer has an available loyalty reward or email discount, the staff member will simply click Redeem. This will add the Marsello Discount to the sale and automatically discount the sale.


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