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How Bopple x Lightspeed Restaurant O-Series x Marsello work together
How Bopple x Lightspeed Restaurant O-Series x Marsello work together

Rewarding your customers in-store and online, no matter where they place an order has never been easier.

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For Bopple users

Also known as Lightspeed Ordering Powered by Bopple

πŸ‘Ύ This feature is currently in Beta – please let our support team know if you have any feedback.


How customers sign up for rewards in Bopple or Lightspeed Ordering Powered by Bopple stores

To join, customers will need to click the Sign-Up button in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

This will lead them to Bopple's account creation page. The customer will enter their first name, last name, mobile number, email address, and password to create an account.


The customer's account will then be created in both Bopple & Marsello giving them one login across both.


Reward redemption in Bopple

When a customer has earned enough points, they can spend them to redeem a reward of their choice.

To redeem a reward and get their unique reward discount code, the customer simply clicks on the reward of their choice at checkout, then clicks Apply.

As soon as a reward is redeemed, the customers points balance is adjusted, removing the points cost. A unique discount code is generated and applied to cart, ready for the customer to use.


The sync between Bopple x Lightspeed Restaurant O-Series x Marsello

When your customer makes their first purchase from your online store, they will need to enter their First Name, Last Name and Email Address at checkout. Here they can also indicate if they want to receive marketing from your store.

Once the customer completes their online order, Bopple will push the order through to the restaurant via the order management system. At the same time, the customer and their order's details are pushed into Lightspeed Restaurant O-Series. The customer will receive an email confirmation which will prompt them to create an account. After the customer's account has been created through the checkout process and the order has met the points rewarding requirements, Marsello will automatically add loyalty points to the customer's purchase.

πŸ“ Note:

  • If a customer checks out as a guest, they will be added to your loyalty program automatically. To exclude guest customers from your Loyalty Program, customize your order rewarding settings here.'

  • If a customer has previously ordered in-store, the details of the customer's order through Bopple will be added to the customer's existing account, and points will be automatically rewarded.

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