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Enable the complete profile SMS automation on Bopple
Enable the complete profile SMS automation on Bopple

Send new customers an SMS to prompt them to complete their customer profile when signing up at Bopple.

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For Bopple users

Also known as Lightspeed Ordering Powered by Bopple


How to add your Bopple sign up URL to override the Marsello sign up URL

1. In your Marsello admin, go to Loyalty > Rewards Program > In-Store Portal

2. Scroll to the custom domain drop-down window and customize your subdomain as needed.

πŸ“ Note: Marsello will always pull through the subdomain based on your store's domain so this may need editing depending on branding.

3. Under Advanced Override Signup, add your Bopple sign-up link. This will override the Marsello customer portal.

4. Click save and publish.


How to edit the complete account request SMS automation

1. In your Marsello dashboard, navigate to Loyalty > Rewards Program > In-store portal. This will lead you to the In-store Customer Portal: Settings page.

2. In the bar on the top of the page you can see the Complete account request SMS heading. You can toggle this automation on/off using the toggle on the right.

3. Clicking 'edit' will lead you to the automation preview page. The automation preview page will display the revenue generated, customers who have entered the flow, customers who are in the flow, and customers who have exited the flow. This will also display each automation flow step.

The default trigger for this flow is 'Targeting customers when they sign up'. The first step in the flow is SMS, and the preview displays the SMS preview you will send to your customers when they sign up at POS.

4. To edit the automation, click edit automation.

πŸ“ Note: Please note: If the automation is already enabled, a pop-up will populate to inform you that you will need to disable the automation to edit this. This is because the automation will need to be disabled while editing the automation. You will be prompted to re-enable the flow when you are navigating out of the edit automation phase.

5. You can edit the trigger settings of the flow by clicking on the settings icon.

This will open a pop-up window where you can update the custom trigger settings:


6. To edit Edit the SMS step click the pencil tool:

7. This will take you to the edit SMS content page where you can customize the SMS message in the message content box.

⚠️ Important: be sure to include the merge tag ##{{customer_portal_url}} so customers are directed to the portal.

You can send a preview text to your mobile or save and return to the automation.


8. To add another step to your SMS Complete Profile automation, click the plus icon as below:

9. Once you have completed editing the automation, click "Enable Automation". A pop-up will appear that confirms the steps you have selected.

πŸ“ Note: On the pop-up window a preview will appear regarding relevant SMS credits. If you do not have sufficient credits the automation will pause. You can update your SMS billing via this page of your Marsello account under the SMS billing tab. Please also refer to our article on SMS sending compliance to ensure best practices for your complete profile SMS automation.

A success message will appear to confirm that your SMS automation has been enabled and customers will begin entering the automation flow upon POS signup.


How it works – Your customers' experience

When a visitor has registered at your Lightspeed Restaurant (O-Series) POS they will be sent the SMS to their mobile device to prompt them to complete their account.


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