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Send emails from your custom email domain
Send emails from your custom email domain

Improve your email deliverability by sending from your own custom email domain

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To help ensure your emails reach your customers' inboxes, you can set up custom DKIM authentication for your domain, and add Marsello to your SPF record.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs), like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft, use DKIM and SPF authentication as a way to scan incoming emails for spam or spoofed addresses. Emails that fail authentication are more likely to arrive in a spam or junk folder.


Before you get started

Here are some key details to note about custom domains before getting started:

  • Custom domain authentication is optional for Marsello retailers

  • To set up authentication, you need to change some account settings with your DNS provider. If you don't know who your DNS provider is, reach out to your hosting service.

  • If you don't have a custom email domain yet, here are some useful resources on how to do this:


Verify your custom email domain in Marsello

If you have a custom email domain, you can verify your email domain in Marsello.

1. In your Marsello admin, navigate to: Settings > Sender Domains and select Verify A Domain.

2. Under 'Email Address', enter an email address that contains the custom email domain that you want to verify.

You will then be sent an email with a unique verification code.
3. In your email inbox, open your email with the subject line "Verify Your Domain Before Sending".

4. Click Verify Domain Access to automatically verify your email domain or copy the unique verification code from your email.

  • If you click through the call-to-action button your custom domain will automatically be verified. Please skip ahead to the next section.

  • If you copied the unique verification code, please continue following the steps below.

5. In your Marsello admin, under Domains, your email domain will be listed as Pending. Click Enter Code.

6. Enter your unique verification code and click Verify Code. Your email domain will then be verified in Marsello.


Authenticate your email domain in your Domain Provider

To improve your email deliverability rates, authenticate your domain. This will allow you to send your Campaigns and Automations emails from your own domain.

1. Next to your verified domain, click Authenticate and enter the name of your domain provider.

2. Select the preferred authentication type of your domain provider:

  • CNAME (most common)

  • MX

πŸ“ Note: If you are unsure of what your domain provider requires, please see the help articles below, or contact their customer support team.

3. Click Authenticate.

The details that you need to add to your Domain Provider as new records will now display like this:

Your Domain Provider will then ask for these details to create new DNS records. Each of these rows needs to be added as a new record.

  • Type: CNAME

  • Host: em8285

  • Data:

4. In your Domain Provider, edit your DNS Records.

πŸ“ Note: This step confirms that you are allowing Marsello to send emails from your domain on your behalf.

Here are some instructions for editing DNS records with popular domain providers. If your service isn't listed here, log in to your provider's site and search their help articles, or contact their customer support team.

5. In your Domain Provider, add/edit your SPF Record.

πŸ“ Note: This process confirms to Marsello's email service provider (SendGrid) can send the email on your behalf.

  • If you have an SPF record set for your root domain (i.e., you must add before all the mechanisms of this record. If you do not have an SPF record for your domain you must create a TXT record with the value:

v=spf1 ~all

⚠️ Important: Do not create more than one SPF record for a given domain.
If you need more than one SPF record, you will want to merge the additional SPF records into a single SPF record.

  • If you already have an SPF record for your domain. You would just need to add our lookup at the end of the string, before the ~all mechanism, like so:

v=spf1 a mx ~all

6. In Marsello, once you have edited your DNS & SPF records:

  • Select the "I have installed the following records with my domain provider" and click Confirm.

Your domain is being authenticated. This can take up to 48 hours for the records to update.

7. Once the authenticated process is complete. Your Campaigns, Automations, and Loyalty Notification emails will now be sent from your own email domain.


How it works – Your customers' experience

Your customers will now receive emails from your custom email domain. In their inbox, they will still see your Sender's Name.

Within the email, they will be able to see that it was sent from your custom email domain.


Q. If I create a custom domain, will my customers be able to reply back to me at my email adddress?

A. Yes, when you set up a custom domain you can have customers reply directly to you at your email address. Please be sure to save your reply-to email address under your email settings in your Marsello app admin.

Q. Is it possible to have multiple sender emails setup? I'd like my automations to come from one address and my campaigns to come from another.

A. Currently, there isn't a way to have multiple sender emails setup. If this is a feature you are interested in, please contact our support team and let them know of your interest.

Q. I have a custom domain, is it it possible to change the favicon that's showing my emails to customers?

A. When your domain is authenticated, the logo/image associated with your email account will be pulled through as your favicon.

Currently, there isn't a feature available that will allow you to change the favicon on your emails. If this is a feature you are interested in, please contact our support team and let them know of your interest.

Q. I've authenticated my custom domain and have set a reply-to address. What will happen in terms of notifications of bounced emails? Can I expect to see the bounced reply here?

A. No, in the event of bounced emails, you will not receive a copy of the bounced replies so as to not spam your inbox. Instead, you can see which emails have bounced under your campaign/automation insights.

Q. Is verifying my domain enough to start receiving emails at my reply-to email address?

A. No, your domain must be authenticated in order for you to be able to see responses come through to your reply-to email address.

Q. I am trying to verify my domain, however, my unique verification code has not been emailed to me and is not appearing in my spam or junk folders. Is there a best person to contact about this?

A. If you have requested your unique verification code and do not receive the email with this code, please reach out to our support team and let them know. Our team will be able to take a closer look into why this code isn't sending out right away.

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