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Customer Feedback Survey
Understanding your customer feedback survey responses
Understanding your customer feedback survey responses

Once your customers have started leaving feedback, measure customer satisfaction and analyze your results.

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Types of Customer Feedback Responses

The Feedback tab in your Marsello admin, allows you to view customers responses to their experience online and in-store.

In your Feedback admin, you can:

View Customer Satisfaction rating

πŸ“ Note: The Customer Satisfaction percentage is calculated by dividing good feedback (satisfied) by the total feedback received from customers.


View Satisfaction Option Results

Understand which experiences your customers are most satisfied with, by viewing the results of the different satisfaction options.

πŸ’‘Tip: You can customize the satisfaction options at any time under your Feedback settings.


Feedback responses

View the feedback that specific customers have left you, as well as any additional comments they have shared.


Unspecified responses mean that no further detail was given.

Update your reporting period

Here you'll be able to see an overall customer satisfaction measurement for a certain time period.

You can view data from a specific time frame by selecting All Time, Last 30 days, Last 7 days or Last 24 hours from the Reporting Period drop-down menu.

You can filter customer responses by:

  • Satisfaction rating: All, Satisfied or Not Satisfied

  • Survey Options: Wait time, Quality, Customer Service, Value and Other (defaults)

  • Additional Feedback: With comments or Without comments

  • Order Site: Website or POS location name (only shows if POS is enabled)

  • Staff: All or a specific staff member


Responding to customer feedback

Next to each customer's response, you can perform an action on their feedback.

Respond to customer feedback via email

If you'd like to send a personal message to your customer to thank them for their feedback or ask further questions to address a concern they have.
The Email Customer action will open your default email client with a new message addressed to the customer's email address.

πŸ’‘Pro tip: If you receive positive feedback with a great comment, email the customer asking for them to add it as a review on your Facebook page or online store. This will help increase customer trust, social proof, and sales.

Gain more context on customer feedback by viewing order receipts

Check the order receipt to get additional context for the customer's feedback.


Ensure the correct staff member receives the feedback via the reassign staff member feature (POS only)

The staff member account logged in on your POS at the time of the order will be attributed to feedback left by the customer.

Ensure feedback is correctly assigned to your team members to help monitor their customer service and re-assign here if needed.


Reward customers with loyalty points for leaving feedback

Reward loyalty points to customers for leaving feedback on their shopping experience, or to compensate for an unsatisfactory experience.

πŸ“ Note: Comment is an internal note only that will be recorded on the customer's profile. It won't be included if Send Email is selected.To notify the customer that you've given them points, simply email them by clicking Email Customer in the Actions drop-down.


Delete Individual Feedback Responses

You can delete the individual customer feedback responses.

πŸ“ Note: If a feedback response is deleted, this will remove it from your customer satisfaction rating.


Automatically get notified of new feedback

Whenever a customer leaves feedback, you will receive an email notification. The email will contain the customer's name and email address, and the details of the feedback.

View the response in-app with one click and take action by contacting the customer via email.

By measuring your customer satisfaction automatically, you can understand your customers better and find areas to improve your business.

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