Customize your Feedback Survey

Feedback allows you to capture your customers' post-purchase comments about your store privately away from social media.

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Customize the design, follow-up question, and possible multi-choice answers to your Feedback survey. You can also customize or translate the text into your preferred language, voice and tone.

How to customize your Feedback survey

1. In your app admin, go to Customers> Customer Responses > Feedback and click on the Edit Survey button.

Here you can view the Survey Question and Feedback response pages. These are set up with best-practice survey questions to measure customer feedback or you can customize these to match your store's brand, voice, and tone.

Customize Email Block

2. Click the Email Block tab to customize your survey question

3. Under Feedback Icons, click Choose File to update and select new feedback icons from your computer

4. Click Save changes

πŸ“ Note: These question and feedback icons will be added by a merge tag on the Earned Points Loyalty Automation.

Customize Survey

Once your customer has responded to the satisfaction survey you can then prompt them with additional questions to further understand what was great or could be improved.

1. Click the Survey tab

2. Under Headers, edit the text for the different feedback response types

  • Happy header

  • Sad header

  • Change my answer label
    If your customer has accidentally responded with the negative icon they can then update this to be the positive response.

3. Under the Options tab, customize your feedback for multi-choice reasons.
These are the possible reasons that the customer is offered when they leave positive or negative feedback.

4. Under the Other tab, edit the comments placeholder.
This text can help prompt your customers to leave further feedback.

5. Here you can also edit the default Submit button text.

6. Click Save. You can now see a preview of your customized survey on the right of your screen.


Personalize the 'Thank you' page

When a customer complete a feedback survey, they are directed to a Thank you for your response page. Personalize your thank you messages for both positive and negative feedback responses.

1. Click on the Thank you page tab.

2. Under the Happy Thanks message you can customize the response message.
Here you can add:

  • Pictures

  • Videos

  • URL links

  • Customize the font, color, and more


πŸ’‘ Quick Tip: This is a great opportunity to take action on a customer's positive experience - consider encouraging them to review their product, google review or share your store on social media!

3. Under the Sad Thanks message you can customize the response message.

Here you can add:

  • Pictures

  • Videos

  • URL links

  • Customize the font, color, and more

πŸ’‘ Quick Tip: This is the perfect opportunity to advise your customers that their honest feedback is really appreciated and will be taken on board by your team.

4. Click Save.


How to enable your Feedback Survey

Once you are happy with the customization of your Survey you can enable it to be added to the Earned Points Loyalty Notification Email.

1. In your app admin, go to Customer > Customer responses > Feedback responses
2. Click the toggle to ON to automatically add the feedback email block to your Earned Points Loyalty Automation

On your Earned Points Loyalty Automation, you can see the Feedback Block merge tag.

If you do not see the Feedback block merge tag in your Earned Points email content, please add this by clicking Edit Template. Copy and paste the ##{{feedback_block}} merge tag from the right-hand panel into your template.

Your customers' experience

When your customer makes a purchase or undertakes any other action earning them points, they will receive the Earned Points Loyalty Notification Email (if enabled and the order has met point rewarding rules).

In this email content, they will be prompted to click a feedback icon to respond to your customer satisfaction survey.


When they click one of these icons this will open a new browser page with your follow-up questions.


They can then submit their response. This will automatically populate within your private feedback dashboard.

If your customer does not fill in this form but has already clicked the happy or sad face, their original response will still be recorded automatically and their reason will be 'Unspecified'.


Examples of follow-up survey response options

It's important to ensure the feedback multi-choice options you provide to customers are relevant to their shopping experience and the location of where they made their purchase.

Selling online only:

Identify the specific areas of your online shopping experience that customers love - or need improvement.

Examples of online survey options:

  • Store navigation

  • Product selection

  • Size options

  • Price

  • Checkout process

  • Online customer service

Selling in-store only:

Gain insight into how customers feel when shopping in your store from the store layout and products to their interactions with staff members.
Examples of in-store survey options:

  • Wait time

  • Product quality

  • Store layout

  • Customer service

  • Staff knowledge

Selling online and in-store:

When selling both online and in-store, you should only include survey options that are applicable to both shopping experiences.

  • Customer service

  • Product selection

  • Product availability

If you'd like to include specific survey options, be sure to make it clear what shopping medium they refer to - for example:

  • Delivery options (Online store)

  • Wait time (Physical store)

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