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Recommendations for creating Loyalty Rewards
Recommendations for creating Loyalty Rewards

Marsello's top tips and recommendations to keep in mind when creating loyalty rewards.

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Loyalty rewards are a great way to get customers back in store. Here are Marsello's recommendations to keep your loyalty program engaging.


Tip 1: Get creative with your rewards titles

Add variety to your reward titles to create interest in redeeming your rewards. For example:


Tip 2: Use the '10% of dollar spend' rule

When choosing your points to redeem the amount, it is recommended that you use the '10% of dollar spend' rule, e.g. your reward discount amount is 10% of the spend required to earn this number of points.

Examples of the 10% of dollar spend rule

  • If every dollar spent earns 1 loyalty point

    • $5 off – 50 points

    • $25 off your next purchase – 250 points

    • 50% off πŸŽ‰ – 500 points

  • If every dollar spent earns 2 loyalty points

    • $5 off – 100 points

    • $25 off your next purchase – 500 points

    • 50% off πŸŽ‰ – 1000 points


Tip 3: Add terms and conditions to your rewards

When creating loyalty rewards, it’s important to be sure you also include the relevant terms and conditions. Whether it's to encourage fair use or protect your store, outlining exactly how and when your rewards can be redeemed to ensure that your rewards are used as you intend them to be used.

Example terms and conditions

  • Not available in conjunction with any other offer

  • In-store only

  • Online only


Tip 4: Create a rewards ladder

Create three or more rewards to encourage customers to earn more and more points to spend on your rewards. A rewards ladder gives your customers more flexibility to choose which rewards they would like to earn points toward and redeem. Loyalty programs with 3 - 5 rewards show better results than those with 1 reward, e.g. their customers are more engaged with their loyalty programs, their reward redemption statistics are higher, and their average spend is greater.

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