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Add a rewards ladder to your loyalty program
Add a rewards ladder to your loyalty program

Encourage customers to come back in-store to spend their loyalty points or save them toward a reward at a higher points cost.

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What is a rewards ladder?

An attractive rewards ladder is one of the best ways to bring customers into your loyalty program. With a rewards ladder, customers can shop and accumulate loyalty points that can then be used for rewards immediately or save their points up for a larger reward that requires a higher points cost.

Example of a rewards ladder

In this example, the customer's points balance is currently at 100 points.

  • If the customer claims the Free shipping reward, they will have 50 points left over.

  • If the customer chooses, not the claim the Free shipping reward, they can instead claim the 5% off reward. This will reduce their points balance to 0.


Ensure you make your rewards more enticing the higher the point cost. Higher-level rewards are a great goal for your customers to work towards, and they're more likely to be spending on your store, sharing on social media, and referring their friends to earn those points! You can read more about the 10 types of rewards and how to create them here.


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