Trouble Posting to Facebook/Instagram

Troubleshooting guide for those newly created Facebook Page and Instagram accounts that receive an error when posting.

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Before you get started

Here are some key details to note if you are encountering an error when posting to Facebook or Instagram:

  • Recently created Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts may receive an error when posting.

  • This error is because Facebook tries to prevent spam and new accounts are considered higher risk. If you receive the error message below, a few issues could be the cause.


Request to Reverify Facebook Login

If you receive the error: "Could not link Ayrshare to Facebook. You may not be connected to the network or we could not establish a connection with our server. Check your connection and try again later."

1. Open a new tab/window in your browser and go to

2. Log out of Facebook and log in once more. If you're asked to verify your account or a CAPTCHA question, please complete it.

3. Head back to the Ayrshare dashboard Social Accounts page, refresh your page, and try linking Facebook once more.

πŸ“ Note: Please be sure that a Facebook Page is linked to your Facebook account. This is required to link to Facebook and you will be asked to select the Page to link to and post.


Facebook Connection Issue

The cause might be you're using a newly created Facebook or Instagram account. Facebook states that "There is a 60-minute delay before new accounts can log in to any applications".

Please wait for 60-minutes and try again.


Your Instagram Account Must Be a Business Account and Linked to a Facebook Page

1. You can verify if your Instagram account is a Business Account by going to your Instagram mobile app and clicking the three bars in the upper right corner. Select "Settings" and then "Account".

2. At the bottom of the screen there may be a link "Switch account type". Click "Switch account type" and you should see the following if a Business Account:


This example account is an Instagram Business. If you see the above image, your account is Business and no changes are needed. If you have the option to switch to a Business Account, please choose it.


Errors linking Google My Business

You must claim your Google My Business page before linking it with Ayrshare. Be sure to choose the Google account that is an admin of your GMB page during link authorization.


Trouble Posting to Facebook

If you receive an error when posting about Facebook permission issues or you don't see a Facebook Page listed it could be some access permissions were not granted.

2. On the Business Integration page, click the Ayrshare App and choose "View and Edit".


3. A pop-up will show. Scroll down to "Create and Manage Content on Your Page" and ensure that it is enabled. If you see a checkbox with "Pages" then check it to select all pages.


4. Allow access to all Facebook Pages and click "Save".

5. Head back to the Ayrshare Dashboard and unlink and relink Facebook. You should now have the correct permissions.

πŸ“ Note: If the issue still persists, please go back into the Facebook admin setting under Business Integration and "Remove" the Ayrshare app. Go back into the Ayrshare Dashboard unlink and relink Facebook.


Trouble Posting to Instagram

If you receive an error when posting about Instagram permission issues or that your account isn't linked, even though you linked your Facebook account, it could be some access permissions were not granted.

For example, if you receive the errors:

  • Unsupported post request. Object with ID [id number] does not exist, cannot be loaded due to missing permissions, or does not support this operation. Please read the Graph API documentation


  • There is an issue with your Instagram account type or permissions.

Verify Your Instagram Business Account is Connected to a Facebook Page.

1. To make sure your Instagram is a Business account and it is connected to a Facebook Page, login to Facebook and navigate to your Facebook Page.

2. Click 'Settings' from the left-hand menu on your screen.

3. Unlink and re-link your Instagram account in the Ayrshare Dashboard under "Social Accounts".


Check your Instagram permissions

1. If the issue is still persists, check your permissions granted to Ayrshare, login to Facebook and go to the "Setting" -> "Settings & Privacy" -> "Security & Login" -> "Business Integration".

2. On the Business Integration page, click the Ayrshare App.


3. A pop-up will show. Scroll down to "Upload media and create post for Instagram" and "Access profile and posts for Instagram". Check both the boxes "Instagram Accounts".


4. Click "Save".β€Œ

5. Head back to the Ayrshare Dashboard and unlink and relink Instagram. You should now have the correct permissions.


Post with @mentions didn't go through

The social networks are very particular on the frequency of @mentions and who is mentioned. The Freemium plan does not allow mentions and will not send your posts. Paid plans allow mentions, but the same mention can not be used twice within a 3-day period.


Errors making requests with the API

A few things to check to verify you have all the required information to successfully post, or call any API endpoint.

  • Verify you are sending the API_KEY, found in the Ayrshare GUI dashboard under API Dashboard, in the header as an Authorization Bearer token. Also the proper Content Type must be set.

  • For POST calls, validate properly formatted JSON is being sent in the body. Online tools can assist:​

  • If sending media via an external URL, make sure the proper MIME type is set for the image or video.

  • Review the required endpoint's required parameters to be sure they are included and have the proper format.


Get an Unsplash Image URL

1. If copying an Unsplash URL to post in media_urls, please be sure to copy the image address.

2. Click on the Unsplash image you want to copy, right-click the image, and select "Copy Image Address".


Twitter Link Preview Not Showing

1. When a link is included in a post, Twitter tries to render a preview. Twitter meta tags on your site/page in the header are used to render the preview text, image, and link. You can validate how the Twitter card will look by submitting your page link here.

2. If everything looks ok, but the preview is still not showing, please contact us for assistance.


Why Does Facebook show "Published by Ayrshare"?

1. The "Published by..." is not displayed to your Facebook Page visitors, only to administrators ("admin") of the Page.

2. In the Facebook admin view of a Page the source of the post is shown, for example "Published by Ayrshare". Facebook automatically adds this metadata in the admin view.

Please see here on how to view a Page as a visitor or view the page in a Private/Incognito tab in your browser.

πŸ“ Note: Facebook Group posts do show the source and will say "Ayrshare" in small lettering. This is automatically done by Facebook.


Response Returns as "Bad Request"

If you receive HTML as a response to "Bad Request" instead of JSON, it is possible the POST body parameter is not valid JSON.

For example, if you send this invalid JSON:


A response of "Bad Request" will be returned. The code above has three issues: a missing comma on post, the post text has a double set of " quotes without escaping, and a missing end quote on platform. The valid JSON should be:


You can test your JSON by POSTing to the following URL to validate your JSON. Be sure to set the Content-Type to text/plain.

Validate JSON

You can validate your JSON by using either an online linter, such as or using Postman.

or our validateJSON endpoint:


Response Bad Gateway 504 Error

If you receive a 504 HTTP error with a "Bad Gateway" message, or timeout, and are trying to post a larger media file, please try sending the post as a scheduled post with a scheduleDate instead.

You many also try using the experimental (beta) endpoint for longer timeouts:{endpoint name}


Facebook Translation Wrong

Facebook attempts to translate posts into the local language of the viewer. Sometimes the translations are incorrect.

Turn Off Automatic Facebook Translations

You can turn off automatic Facebook translations of posts by going to

  • Click

    in the top right of Facebook.

  • Select Settings & Privacy, then click Settings.

  • Click Language and Region

  • Click Languages you don't want automatically translated.

  • Search for the languages you don't want to be automatically translated, then click to select the language.

  • Click Save Changes

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