How to set up calendar view for social

Learn about your calendar view and how to set up your social posts for calendar view in Marsello

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Before you get started

Here are some key details to note about the calendar view feature for social:

  • The calendar view is where you can view your marketing calendar. Here is where you can create, schedule, and manage your social content. You'll also be able to see your marketing calendar and view it by week or month.

  • Your calendar view is located in your Marsello app admin under Marketing > Social media > Calendar


How it works - List view with filter

Within the planner, to the left you have the media library with multiple views (all, used and unused) images. There is also a draft section, you may filter the calendar by each social profile.

1. Click the drop-down arrow beside social profiles.

2. Select your desired social profile.


3. Create a post for selected social profile. Click Create Post.

4. Add internal name of post and select social profile (this name is not viewable to your customers).

5. Add media and post message details.

6. Additional optional edits include:

  • click Edit Image or Edit Video under the individual media to edit it

  • click change Media to add/remove media

  • add a link

  • add a first comment, location, or tag people

  • click save or publish now

7. Select Post immediately or Post at a specific date and time

πŸ“ Note: you can change the scheduled date and time if needed


Track your performance

Once your post is live, you can track the performance and see your engagement and revenue generated for each individual post.

1. Within your calendar view, click the individual post shown on the planner.

2. You will see revenue generated for this individual post, average total spend, and a breakdown of sales tracking.

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