What is a media library?

Marsello's media library is where you can store, upload, and manage all your media, so it is easy to access for you.

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How to access media library

1. From your Marsello app admin go to Marketing > Social media > Media library

2. Within the Media Library you can:

  • Click Used, Unused or Favorite media

  • Click Media tags drop-down menu to select unsplashed or Shopify media

  • Sort media by last modified, first modified, name (A-Z or Z-A)

  • Search media


Upload media

1. To upload media to your media library, click the Upload Media box.

2. Drag and drop any files or choose a local file.


3. Upload media and click Add.

πŸ“ Note: Media will be uploaded with file size, type of file, and uploaded date. You can also upload media by clicking add product images or add stock images in blue boxes.

If your file is not one of the accepted file types, you can convert it using this free conversion tool. For more information on our Image and Video Guidlines, click here.


How to edit and schedule media from media library

You can edit any uploaded media within your media library, and also schedule your media directly for a social post.

1. Click either the pencil icon under the actions column or the three dots to edit or remove media.


2. Add a short description for your selected media, and add tags.


3. Click Create Social post.

4. Add the internal name of the post and select social profile.

5. Add media and post message details.

6. Additional optional edits include:

  • click Edit Image or Edit Video under the individual media to edit it

  • click change Media to add/remove media

  • add a Linkin.bio link

  • add a first comment, location, or tag people

  • click save or publish now

7. Select Post immediately or Post at a specific date and time

πŸ“ Note: You can change the scheduled date and time if needed.


How to manage your media

1. You can manage media by clicking the three dots under the actions column and click delete to remove any media.

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