Multi-User Login

Add additional users to your Marsello account, which will give users their own login to your Marsello admin.

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How to invite a user/staff member

⚠️ Important: All users have admin permissions currently.

  1. In your Marsello admin, go to Account/Users

  2. Click into the Users tab

  3. Click Invite user

4. Enter the new user's details

  • Enter their full name

  • Enter their email address


4. Select their department they belong to

πŸ“ Note: This doesn't update the permission, all users will have admin permissions.


5. Click Invite. This will send an email invite to the person you'd added to your Marsello account.


How to remove a user/staff member

  1. In your Marsello admin, go to Account/ Users

  2. Click into the Users tab

  3. Next to the user, click Remove

  4. Click confirm

This will remove this users access to your Marsello account.

πŸ“ Note: If a user needs to be added again, simply complete the above steps to add the user into your account again.


Q. Is it possible for a user to change their login email after they've been invited as a user and went through the verification process or would they need to be removed and re-invited to the account under a different email?

A. The customer would need to be removed and invited with their other email.

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