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New customer sign up journey in Lightspeed Restaurant (O-Series) POS
New customer sign up journey in Lightspeed Restaurant (O-Series) POS

Sign customers up to become a loyalty member quickly and easily both in-store and outside of your store.

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For Lightspeed Restaurant (O-Series) POS Merchants

Formerly Kounta

New customer sign up journey via in-store checkout

1. Staff will first add the customer's items to their transaction at the POS.


2. Staff to ask the customer to join their loyalty program. When the customer accepts the verbal invitation, the staff member will need to create a customer profile capturing the customer's name and mobile number. The staff member will need to assign the customers to the sale and finish processing the transaction as normal.


New customer sign up journey via QR code

Instead of signing new customers up at checkout for times you are out of store such as a pop-up event. You can create a QR code that customers can scan which will automatically link them to the signup form. Once this form is completed, it will also create a profile for them in the Lightspeed POS database.

⚠️ Important:

  • If your business uses Bopple’s ‘table ordering’, you will not need to use these QR code forms. You may however find these useful for outside events, like catering jobs.

  • If your business has Lightspeed Ordering powered by Bopple or an integrated Shopify website, the QR codes can be set up to direct customers to sign up there instead.


New customer SMS registration

1. After the customer is added to the sale, they will receive an SMS message asking them to complete their account.

2. The link provided will lead your customers to sign up via the customer portal below by default.


The customer can now sign up via one of the single-sign-on options and access their customer portal.


Your Customers' Experience

  • Through the in-store customer portal, customers can access their digital membership card, loyalty points balance, available rewards & email discounts. They can also earn points by completing actions like referring a friend.

  • Customers can access this portal through any web browser and can bookmark or save it to their smartphone home screen for easy access when visiting you in the future.

  • Loyalty notifications from Marsello can lead either to this portal, to Bopple, or to your Shopify eCommerce site (if applicable).

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