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Connect Lightspeed eCom C-Series to Marsello
Connect Lightspeed eCom C-Series to Marsello
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For Lightspeed eCom (C-Series) Merchants

Formerly known as Lightspeed eCommerce

This integration is currently in Open Beta πŸ‘Ύ

If you have any feedback on this integration, please let our support team know.

By integrating your loyalty program with your Lightspeed eCom C-Series eCommerce platform and POS platform, you can capture data on customer purchases, preferences, and behavior. This enables you to foster customer relationships and pinpoint valuable opportunities for targeted marketing to grow sales.

Before you get started

Here are some key details to note about connecting Lightspeed eComm C-Series API to Marsello:

  • For optimal performance, Marsello requires an exclusive API Connection. This is to ensure that your customers, orders, and products are processed in real-time as much as possible.

  • Lightspeed eCom C-Series API has an interaction limit, so if you have more than one 3rd party app using the same API connection this may cause data syncing delays.

How to Connect Lightspeed eCom C-Series

You can connect C-Series to Marsello during the sign-up process or from the POS & eCommerce page within the Marsello admin.

1. Next to Lightspeed eCom C-Series, click Connect

During Signup process

a) On the Connect your sales platforms step, click on Lightspeed eCom C-Series



From the Marsello admin > POS & integrations page

a) Click Connect sales channel

b) Next to Lightspeed eCom C-Series click Connect


This will open a pop-up modal with the additional details needed to connect Lightspeed eCom C-Series Marsello.


2. Enter your Lightspeed store's domain

πŸ“ Note: Your Lightspeed domain (which may not be the same as your online store domain) can be copied from your URL when you're logged into your C-Series back-office admin or in the Settings > Website Settings > Domains page in your C-Series back-office admin.

Create a new API Key

In your Lightspeed eCom C-Series back-office admin,

3. Go to Settings > Store Settings, then click Developers

4. Click New API Key​

5. Enter "Marsello" into the API Key title and click Save

6. Under Permission Access options, select All read & write options

⚠️ Important: All permissions must be selected to ensure the integration between Lightspeed eCom C-Series and Marsello is established correctly.

7. Click the Enable this API Key toggle to ON

8. Click Save

9. Under Details, copy your new API Key

In your Marsello admin, in the Connect Lightspeed eCom C-Series pop-up modal

10. Under API Key, paste your new API Key

In Lightspeed eCom C-Series admin, API key settings

11. Under Details, copy your new API Secret

In your Marsello admin, in the Connect Lightspeed eCom C-Series pop-up modal

12. Under API Secret, paste your new API Secret

13. Select your Lightspeed eCom C-Series' store language.

πŸ“ Note: To find your Lightspeed eCom C-Series active store language, go to Settings > Store Country. Please provide the 'Default' language currently in use for your store. For example, this example store's language is English (US).

14. Click Connect

This will form a connection between Lightspeed eCom C-Series and Marsello.

Lightspeed eCom C-Series will now display in your Marsello app admin under the Integrations page.

Your orders and customers will now begin to sync through to your Marsello account πŸŽ‰

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