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Try out your program online with BigCommerce
Try out your program online with BigCommerce

See how your loyalty program works on BigCommerce - create a customer account, make a purchase, earn loyalty points, and redeem a reward.

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For BigCommerce users

Test out your loyalty program and see how it works from a customer's perspective.

Test your loyalty program by adding yourself as a new member

There are a few ways customers can join your loyalty program. Below are a couple of the most common methods - choose one and proceed with adding yourself as a member.

Through the loyalty widget on your online store

  1. For customers to be able to join your program through your loyalty widget, you must first add the loyalty widget to your store. Also, In your BigCommerce settings, make sure you have customer accounts enabled.

By making a purchase on your eCommerce store

1. Open your online store

2. Add a couple of products to your cart and proceed to checkout. Add enough products to the sale so that you will earn points to redeem a reward later.

3. At checkout, select Register an account and then enter all the required information in the Billing & Account Details section

4. Complete the order

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: BigCommerce checkout has the option to process 'test orders' so that you don't have to actually spend any money. Find out how to create a test order here.

You will receive an email to confirm that you have registered an account with the store.
You are now a loyalty program customer.


Test your loyalty program as a retailer - complete the order in BigCommerce to reward points automatically

1. In your BigCommerce Admin > Orders

2. Under View Orders, find the order you just made

3. Change your order status to Completed > Choose when points for orders are rewarded

You, as the customer, will now have earned points for your purchase. If you have your Earned Points automation email notification turned on, you will also receive an email of the points you just earned.


Test your loyalty program as a customer, use your points to redeem a reward

1. On your online store, open your loyalty widget, either via the tab, a link or the Show Rewards button in your Points Earned email.

2. Select a reward from your loyalty widget to redeem. Rewards you don't have enough points for will have a lock symbol πŸ”’ next to them

Once redeemed, the required points will be removed from your account. If you have your Reward Coupon email automation enabled, you will also receive your unique reward coupon by email, incase you want to use it later.

3. Copy the unique coupon code

4. Close the loyalty widget

5. On your online store, add a couple of products to your cart and proceed to checkout

6. At the Order Confirmation screen, paste your code into the Gift Certificate or Coupon Code box and click Apply

The discount will automatically be applied to the sale.

7. Complete the sale

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