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Create a tabless loyalty program for BigCommerce
Create a tabless loyalty program for BigCommerce

Remove your loyalty tab from your online store and add your loyalty program using your loyalty program link instead.

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For BigCommerce users

Creating a tabless loyalty program allows you to remove the loyalty tab from your online store. You can then use your unique loyalty program link to allow your customers to access their loyalty profile in other ways, for example, through your store's navigation, a loyalty banner, advertisements, etc.

Before you get started

Here are some key details to note about creating a tabless loyalty program for BigCommerce:

  • You can update both the loyalty tab position and visibility under Loyalty tab design. For example, if you would like to have the tab on your online store, but hide your loyalty tab on mobile devices you can.

  • If you are not using a BigCommerce Stencil theme, first make sure you have installed your loyalty widget by following this guide.


Creating a tabless program

Turn off your loyalty tab

2. Click on Tab and then Tab Visibility

3. Under Tab Visibility, click None

This will remove your loyalty tab from your online store.

Create your unique loyalty program link

To create a tabless loyalty program, you'll need to first create your unique loyalty program link.

1. Go to your online store's homepage and add /?loyal to the end of the URL

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: You can have this on any page on your website, as long as it has the /?loyal at the end of the URL.

2. Press Enter to open your loyalty widget on your online store.

3. Copy your loyalty program link. You can now use this loyalty program link on your online store.


Add your loyalty program to your online store's navigation

One way you can create a tabless program is by adding your unique loyalty program link to your store's navigation.

1. In your BigCommerce admin, go to Storefront

2. Under Storefront, go to Web Pages

3. Click on Create a Web Page

4. Under Web Site Link, select This Page Will: Link to another website or document

5. Under Web Page Details, add a Page Name, and paste your unique loyalty program link.

6. Click Save & Exit


How it works - Your customers' experience

Your loyalty program will then show on your chosen website navigation, e.g. Main Menu.

When a visitor clicks Loyalty Program, your loyalty widget will automatically open. New customers can join your loyalty program and existing customers can log in to check their points balance, earn points, and redeem rewards.

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: Make sure that your loyalty program is visible and clearly labeled so that customers can easily find it. You may even choose to have links on both top and footer navigation, or button links throughout the site so it's easily accessible.


Tabless program examples


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