Create a points promotion

Boost sales with points promotions. Encourage customers to shop with double points weekends, or bonus points promotions.

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Create a points promotions(s) to encourage customers to shop and earn extra points for their purchases. Points promotions are a great way to increase sales during slower sales periods.

Create a Points Promotion

1. In the Marsello admin, go to Loyalty > Points Promotions

2. Click Create Promotion


3. Enter your Points Promotion name​

The Points Promotion name is internal only and is to help you identify the promotion in your dashboard.

4. Choose your Promotion type & set the Multiplier amount

  • Points multiplier: Sets the amount that the customer's order total is multiplied by to calculate their points earned amount for their order
    e.g. 'Earn double points this weekend only' would have a 2X multiplier amount, or 'Earn triple points this Thursday' would have a 3X multiplier amount.

  • Fixed points amount: Set the number of points the customer earns in addition to the points they've earned for their order.
    e.g. 'Earn 50 bonus points on Weekends' would award the customer an additional 50 points on top of the points they earned for their order.


5. Choose Advanced Options (Optional)

  • Minimum order total: Add a minimum order total required in order for the points promotion to be applied.
    e.g. 'Earn double points on all orders over $20'

  • Available sites: Select the site(s) where the customer must complete their purchase from for the points promotion to be applied.
    e.g. 'Earn 50 bonus points for shopping at [Store Name] this weekend only'


The following features are currently in Closed BETA 👾
If you're interested in joining the Beta, please let our support team know.

  • Choose eligible products for points promotion: Select the specific products in all of your sales channels.
    Click the drop-down, enter the product name and select the product. Repeat this for all products you'd like included in your points promotion.

  • Choose eligible product collections for points promotion: Select the specific product collections in all of your sales channels.
    Click the drop-down, enter the collection name and then select. Repeat this for all product collections you'd like included in your points promotion.

  • Optional: Award points once for a purchased product or category per order?
    If you choose 'Award points once per order,' you can limit how many products or collections can earn points in the points promotion.

    > For product-specific promotions: It'll award points for the first product found, starting with the lowest-priced item, and only for one quantity.
    > For product collection-specific promotions: It'll award points for the first collection item found, starting with the lowest-priced one, and only for one quantity.
    > For promotions that include both products and collections: It'll first look for products, and if none are found, it will search collections. Points will be awarded only once.

6. Select a Start & End date for your points promotion
Your points promotion will automatically start and end on the selected dates.


📝 Note: For a continuous promotion like '50 Bonus points every Thursday,' please choose a future date (e.g., 10 years). It can be canceled anytime, but selecting a date ensures it runs smoothly.

7. Select the days & times your points promotion is available within your selected dates (optional)


8. Review and then click Create & Enable to start/schedule your points promotion


Your points promotion will then start on the specified date and will be applied to all customers' orders who meet the 'making a purchase' earned points conditions and promotion conditions.

Your customers' experience

During your Points promotion, customers earn additional points automatically based on the promotion rules (e.g., double points or bonus points) when they place an order.

If Earned Points Email is on, they'll be notified about earned points, new balance, and progress towards the next reward.


Launch your points promotion to your customers

Maximize your points promotion's success by sending an email or SMS campaign to notify and motivate customers to shop.

Launch your points promotion with an email campaign

You can use Marsello's email template library to help with inspiration.

  1. In the Marsello admin, go to Marketing > Campaigns > Email templates and scroll to 'Double points' template and click the Create campaign button.

  2. Customize the template to your branding, and points promotion details.
    📖 Learn more: How to create a one-off email campaign.

  3. Send or Schedule your email campaign.

💡 Pro tip: Generate excitement by sending the campaign a week before it starts. Use phrases like 'don't miss out' to create a sense of urgency.

Launch your points promotion with an SMS campaign

  1. In the Marsello admin, go to Marketing > Campaigns > SMS. Craft your SMS message adding your points promotion details

    💬 [STORE NAME]: Double the fun this weekend! Earn double points on every purchase at our store! Shop now [LINK]

  2. Send or Schedule your SMS campaign

Understanding Points Campaign Reporting

After saving your points promotion, find it in the Loyalty section under the Points promotions. There you can view Active and Expired promotions, along with key details like orders and revenue.


Click on the title of your points promotion to access individual promotion reporting. Explore customer details, attributed orders, and more.

💰Attribution rule: All orders placed within the points promotions period will be attributed to your revenue generated with Marsello.


Q: How are points promotions calculated with tiered VIP programs?

A: Points promotions in tiered VIP programs are calculated based on two steps. First, the points earned for a purchase are determined according to your points awarding settings and the tier's earn ratio (e.g. Silver tier earns 2 points per $1 spent). Then, at the end, the total points earned may be multiplied or additional points added based on your promotion settings.

Q: Can I run a points promotion on a specific specific customer segment/tier?

A: Currently, points promotions can be created based on site or order minimum spend conditions. However, running promotions for specific customer segments/tiers is not available. If you would like to see this feature added, please let our team know, and we will add your vote to this enhancement ✨

Q. Can retailers run a points campaign on specific products over a specific amount of time?

A. Currently, this feature is in closed beta, if you're interested in this feature, please let our support team know.

Q: If I run a double points promotion with a product specified and a site specified, does that give the customer double points for the product and double points for the site?

A: No, the double points promotion will only give 2x (double) points, it says if any of the conditions are true in the order award the points promotion.
​Note: If these are created as separate points promotions (one for products and then one for site), then they would earn double points for the product and then double points for the site for that one order.

Q. If I were to run two points promotion simultaneously, will both promotions be applied to the order if the order meets the conditions of both campaigns? For example, if I set the following campaigns and the customer ends up spending $100:

  • 10 extra points for minimum $50 spend

  • 10 extra points for minimum $100 spend

A. Both promotions will be noted in the order details and will show the points rewarded for each. However, only one set of points will actually be rewarded.

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