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Create a referral program

Incentivize customers to refer their friends to shop at your store. Reward customers with points when their friend makes their first order.

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How to set up your referral program

1. In your Marsello admin, under Loyalty > Referral Program

2. Click edit referral settings

Update an Advocate incentive setting

3. Enter the number of points you would like to reward your customers when they've made a successful friend referral.

πŸ“ Note: A successful friend referral is when the referred friend makes their first purchase and becomes a new customer.

Update a Referral friend incentive setting

4. Click Edit reward to customize an incentive for the referred friend to make their first purchase. By default, this discount is set to 10% off storewide.

5. Update your referral discount

  • Under Select type of reward drop-down select:

    • Fixed Discount Amount ($ off)

    • Percentage (% off)

    • OR Free Shipping

  • Under Title:
    Give your referral incentive reward a title that indicates to your customers what the reward value is

  • Under Discount amount:
    Enter the reward $ OR % discount amount.

πŸ“Note: The following step is optional and is available for those merchants looking to create additional reward requirements such as a product-specific rule, a collection-specific rule, a minimum spend rule, additional terms or a reward expirty rule while updating the referral reward.

6. Click Advanced options to enter any additional reward requirements:

Product or Collection specific

Under Apply discount to specific products and/or collections:
By selecting this option, you can choose Products or Collections that the referred friend can use their incentive discount towards.

  • Collection: Select the specific product collections in all of your sales channels.
    Click the drop-down, enter the collection name and then select. Repeat this for all product collections and sales channels you'd like included your referral incentive.


  • Product: Select the specific products in all of your sales channels.
    Click the drop-down, enter the product name and select the product. Repeat this for all products and sales channels you'd like included in your referral incentive.

⚠️ Important: The ability to create product/collection specific rewards is determined by the POS/eCommerce sales channel that you can using. To check which reward types are available for your account, please check here.

Minimum Spend

  • Under Minimum purchase required
    By selecting this option, you can set a minimum order total before the discount can be applied.

πŸ’‘ Top tip: Setting a minimum spend in your referral program incentivizes high-value customers and discourages misuse.


Reward expiry period

  • Next to Expire discount
    Enter the number of days the customer has to use the reward once the reward has been claimed.

7. Click Update
​Your updated referral incentive discount reward will now be available for referred friends to claim once they've sign-up.


How it works – your customers' experience

Your customer – the advocate

On the loyalty widget, customers can see ways to earn points in the Earn tab. They can click Refer a friend to access their unique referral link.

Then, they can either copy the link or use the click-to-share feature within their preferred chat platform, such as Facebook, Email, WhatsApp, and more, to effortlessly share the word with friends.

They can then customize a post that they'd like to share with their friends and family on their chosen channel.
​For example Facebook:


The advocate will earn loyalty points once their friend has made their first purchase.

The referred friend

The referred friend follows the shared referral link, where they'll be prompted to provide their name and email address. Following this, their exclusive incentive discount code will be delivered to their email inbox, ready for their first purchase.


⚠️ Important: Ensure that your Referral incentive discount (email) automation is turned on so that the referred friend can receive their unique discount code.


Track the performance of your referral program

Once you've set up your referral program and turned it on, you can track its progress. Here's how:

1. In your Marsello admin, under Loyalty > Referral Program.

πŸ“ Note: You can also see this report in your Earning tab > Referring Friends, click the down arrow beside the edit button and View reporting.

Under the insights page, you can see:

  • Customers who completed this action

  • Who the customer successfully referred

  • Referred friend's redeemed discount title and code

  • The date the discount code claimed

  • Total revenue from the referred friend's first order

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