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Award points for Sustainable Actions
Award points for Sustainable Actions

Encourage customers to take sustainable actions when purchasing at your store by awarding loyalty points.

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How to create a sustainable product

You can now create a $0 product in your POS integration, with a title that represents the action e.g. “Used KeepCup”, “Returned Containers” etc.

In Marsello > Loyalty> Rewards Program> Earning Points > Acting Sustainably, you can select the product, and then assign how many points you would like to give for that action e.g. 2 points for Keep Cup usage, 10 points for book donation, etc.

How to enable the Acting Sustainably Earn option

1. In your Marsello app admin, go to Loyalty > Rewards Program > Earning Points > Acting Sustainability and select the edit button.

2. Choose how many points the customer can earn for Acting sustainably.


3. Choose the $0 sustainable product that you have created within your POS integration. Then click Save changes.


📝 Note: If your product is not appearing, please place a test order purchasing the product within the integration. This will enable the product to sync through to Marsello.

4. Toggle the ON/OFF button to ON to enable the Acting Sustainably Earn option.


How it works - Your customers' experience

Every time the customer makes an order and acts sustainably, the staff member can add the ‘sustainable action’ product to the sale. The customer will automatically earn a set number of points.

More and more retailers are initiating clothing recycling programs. Vape stores are taking back used pods and cafes and restaurants are encouraging reusable cups and containers to help save the planet.

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