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Schedule Single Image and Video Instagram Posts
Schedule Single Image and Video Instagram Posts

Schedule your single images and videos to Instagram with Marsello Social.

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⚠️ Important: Only business profiles can auto-publish single image and video posts.


Schedule Your Instagram Post

1. From your Marsello app admin, go to Marketing > Social > Planner and select your Instagram profile


2. Go to the Side library to drag and drop the image/video you wish to schedule onto the calendar.


3. Write a caption or add a saved caption.

4. Additional optional edits include:

  • click Edit Image or Edit Video under the individual media to edit it

  • click change Media to add/remove media

  • add a link

  • add a first comment, location, or tag people

  • click save

5. Select Post immediately or Post at a specific date and time. You can change the scheduled date and time if needed


💡Tip: If you need to edit your post before publishing, click the post on the Calendar to reopen the post builder.


Publish Single Image and Video Posts on Instagram

Post at a specific time and date

When Post at a specific time and date is selected, your post will be published automatically at its scheduled time.


  • An Instagram business profile

  • Post must contain only 1 image or video

  • Auto Publish must be enabled before it can be used

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