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Creating a segment of customers using the condition
Creating a segment of customers using the condition

Send customized email campaigns and automation to those customers who have signed up for communication from your store via your Linkin bio.

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Before you get started

Here are some key details to note about's:

  • A is a mini-website built into your Instagram profile. This is where you can edit your profile, add buttons and link Instagram and TikTok posts to build your own landing page.

  • You can then decide where those links lead, so you can drive traffic to your most relevant products and pages.


How to add your page link to your Instagram bio

Add your page link to your Instagram bio so your audience can click through or shop on your page.

1. Go to Marketing > Social > in your Marsello app admin and copy your link.

2. Still in your Marsello app admin, go to Marketing > Social> Social Profile and open your Instagram Profile

3. Click Instagram Profile to open Instagram

4. Log in to Instagram if you’re not already logged in

5. In the Website field, paste your copied link

📝 Note: If you already have a website link on your Instagram profile page, replace it with your link. Remember, you can add buttons to your page to redirect your audience to your website or other pages.


Create a custom segment of customers who signed up via the

Customers who signup to your store via your are automatically tagged in Marsello with the custom tag “linkinbio_subscriber”. This tag is visible on the customer's Marsello profile.

1. From your Marsello app admin, go to Customers > Segment > Create Segment


2. Under segment conditions, select the following: "custom tag" "is" "linkinbio_subscriber".


3. Name your segment and click save and create segment. Any customer who has signed up via your will now pull through to this segment.

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