How to add Google Maps to your

Use your page to help direct customers to your store via Google Maps.

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Accessing the HTML to embed your Google Map

1. Open your Internet browser to Google Maps and look up the site you wish to promote.

2. Click Share from the Maps menu.


3. This will open up the HTML. Click on the Embed a Map tab and then click on the Copy HTML button.


Updating your from your Marsello app admin

1. In your Marsello app admin, open your bio by going to Marketing > Social >

2. Drag-and-drop an HMTL block into the preferred position on your


3. Replace the default HMTL code with the code you have copied from Google Maps.


4. Be sure to update the width in the code by using the Ctrl+F function and searching the word width. Update the width from 600 to 100%. This step ensures the width of the map will match the container of the webpage.


5. Click Save Changes and then Publish Changes.

6. Refresh your page to see the updated map as well as your Google Review ratings coming through.

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