Shopify Plus: Add a 'Rewards Block' to your online checkout

Embed your loyalty rewards into your online checkout for Shopify Plus. Allowing customers to use their loyalty rewards during checkout.

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For Shopify Plus merchants

๐Ÿ›’ This extension is available 2.0 online themes only.

๐Ÿ‘พ This feature is currently in Beta
Please let our support team know if you have any feedback.

Elevate customer loyalty by seamlessly embedding your loyalty rewards into the online checkout process. With this extension, customers can effortlessly use their loyalty rewards during checkout, enhancing their shopping journey.

Adding the 'Rewards block' extension into your Shopify Plus admin checkout editor is easy โ€“ it only takes a few steps. Best of all it automatically adopts your online store theme branding, so thereโ€™s no extra customization needed.

How to add a 'rewards block' to your Shopify plus checkout

1 From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Checkout and go to Checkout editor

2. Select Add app and then Marsello-checkout-ui-extension

3. Drag-and-drop the extension under your 'Order Summary > Discounts' section

4. Click Save. When you next publish your online store, your new rewards block will display during the customers' checkout process.

Customize the rewards block text (optional)

By default, the rewards block text has been written using user-friendly copy to ensure understanding. However, you can customize the rewards block text language to align with your brand's voice and tone.

1 Click Marsello-checkout-ui-extension to open the text settings

2. Enter your preferred text into the text blocks

  • Rewards title
    Purpose: To introduce your rewards block at the checkout.

  • Points balance
    Purpose: To remind the customer how many loyalty points they have available.

  • Discount code
    Purpose: To identify this is the customer's unique discount code

  • Points cost
    Purpose: To indicate to the customer how many loyalty points they will have to spend/use to apply this loyalty reward discount.

  • Log in link text
    Purpose: To encourage customers who aren't logged in to create an account or sign in to view available rewards.

  • No available rewards yet
    Purpose: To inform customers when they don't have sufficient loyalty points to unlock rewards at the moment. Simultaneously, we also let them know that this is the section where rewards will be available for future reference. Our goal is to keep customers informed while encouraging them to continue earning points for rewards in the future!

  • Apply reward/discount button text

    Purpose: To generate excitement among customers, encouraging them to click-to-add their reward discount to their current cart.

  • Reward or discount could not be applied to the sale
    Purpose: To indicate to the customer that the discount code is not able to be applied to the current cart.

Your customers experience

For customers not signed in

Under the discount bar, a text prompt will encourage them to sign in or create an account to view available loyalty rewards and email discounts.

For signed-in customers โ€“ with no available rewards

After signing in, they'll have a clear view of their loyalty points balance. Additionally, they will see a message to indicate that they don't have enough loyalty points to unlock a reward โ€“ย yet.

For signed-in customers โ€“ย with available rewards

After signing in, they'll have a clear view of their loyalty points balance, rewards, and email discounts. A simple click on 'Apply' deducts their loyalty points and adds the discount to the sale.

The customer can then complete the sale.
If enabled, customers will receive a points-earned email, notifying them of any points earned for their order and their new points balance.

With the 'Rewards Block' extension, improving customer experience and building loyalty has never been easier ๐Ÿ˜Š


Q. Does this rewards block show all discounts generated by Marsello?

A. Yes, this rewards block will display any loyalty reward discounts and email discounts available to the customer.

Q. Are all reward types available through the rewards block?

A. Yes, the rewards block supports all reward types. Whether it's percentage off or dollar off storewide rewards, or rewards with a specific product, collection, minimum spend, or VIP tier conditions, customers can access and use their rewards seamlessly through the embedded rewards block during checkout.

Q. What happens if the customer adds a reward to the sale and then removes it?

A. If a customer adds a reward to their order during checkout but decides to remove it before completing the purchase, the discount associated with the reward will be automatically removed from the order total. Please note, that the points used to claim the reward will not be added back to the customer's points balance. Instead the claimed reward will be listed under their available rewards section.

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