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Add the Marsello loyalty widget to your WooCommerce store
Add the Marsello loyalty widget to your WooCommerce store

Allow your customers to access their loyalty & marketing profile directly from your WooCommerce online store.

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For WooCommerce users

Before you start

Here are some key details to note before adding the Marsello Loyalty widget to your WooCommerce store.

  • You will need to install a new plugin from your Marsello app admin to be able to add the loyalty widget and signup forms to your online store.


Installing the widget to your WooCommerce store

💡 Pro Tip: Have your WooCommerce admin open in one tab and your Marsello app admin open in a second tab to allow you easy access to both to complete the steps below.

1. In your Marsello app admin, go to the POS & eCommerce page.

2. While on this page, open the Install the Marsello Widget on your Online Store drop-down button on the page and click on Download Marsello for WooCommerce plugin under step 1.

This will download a .zip file called ‘Marsello for WooCommerce’ to your desktop.

3. In your WooCommerce Admin, go to Plugin and click Add New


4. Click Upload

5. Drag-and-drop your downloaded Marsello for Woocommerce zip file


Woocommerce will automatically start to install the Marsello for Woocommerce plugin and display a success screen once complete.

6. Click Manage plugin. This will lead you to the ‘Installed Plugins’ page.

7. Scroll to Marsello for WooCommerce

8. Click Settings

📝 Note: You will need to go back to the Marsello admin > WooCommerce integration to get your API key. Click the Copy icon to copy the API Key .

9. In WooCommerce’s Marsello for WooCommerce settings, paste the API key. Click Save Changes

10. Back in the Marsello > WooCommerce integration, click Test Connection to ensure that the Marsello for WooCommerce plugin is installed correctly.

📝 Note: You will see a ✅ if everything is installed correctly. If a step has been missed in the connection process, you will see a ❌.

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