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Sending discounts through email without using Loyalty
Sending discounts through email without using Loyalty
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How to send out email discounts that customers can easily redeem online while keeping your loyalty program disabled, allowing customers to redeem email discounts while you set up your loyalty program.


Disable Points Earning

1 In Marsello, navigate to Loyalty > Points program > Earning

2. Disable all earning options by switching the toggle to OFF for all options:


Disable Rewards

1 In Marsello, navigate to Loyalty > Points program > Redeeming

2. Disable all rewards by switching the toggle to OFF

πŸ“ Note: If your customers have already claimed any rewards, they will still be able to redeem their existing discount codes.


Update your Loyalty Widget

2. Click Tab

3. Click Tab Visibility and select None from the drop-down menu:

4. Click Save and Publish. Next, you should update the widget text to let customers know how to claim their discount code:

5. From within the Widget tab, select Customize Text/Translation and click Go to text editor

6. From the drop-down menu, select the View coupon page

7. Update the Instructions text to let your customers know they need to copy and paste their code at checkout:

8. Click Save & Publish


Activate your Widget

1. In Marsello, navigate to Settings > Loyalty > Points program

2. Ensure your program is Active

πŸ“ Note: By following the above steps, you have ensured that your loyalty program is inactive and your customers are unable to earn points or redeem rewards.


How it works - Your customers' experience

When your customer receives an email from you with an email discount, they will be brought to your store's homepage by clicking the discount button:

They will see their discount code on your Loyalty Widget and be able to copy and paste their unique discount code at checkout to redeem their discount:


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