📝  Note: You'll need to enable your program on Shopify POS first

It's easy to find your Marsello customer profiles on Shopify POS.
Here's an example of accessing your program to redeem the member's loyalty reward or email offer coupon at POS in a matter of seconds.

1. On your Shopify POS sales screen, add the customer to the sale by searching for them by name or email address 

2. Add products to the sale 

3. Tap the Shopify Tray Menu (represented by the 3-dots on the top right corner of the POS screen)

4. Under the Tray Menu, tap Show Customer's Rewards

This is your customer loyalty profile. Here you can see a customer's loyalty points balance and redeem their available coupons.

Simply tap Redeem to add the discount coupon to the sale.

💡Tip: If your customer changes their mind about the reward or would like to change the reward they've selected, you can re-visit the customer loyalty program and tap remove next to the currently selected coupon.

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