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Product recommendation
is a content block that you can drag into any email flow template. It will show personalized recommended products for every customer based on their previous purchases and customers like them.

These email flows include product recommendation blocks by default:

  • Thank First-time Customers
  • Reward Your Best Customers
  • Win Back Lapsed Customers

In this article:

  • Add a product recommendation block to your email template
  • Edit the product recommendation block settings

Add a product receommendation block to your email template

1. In your Marsello Admin, click Email Flows 

2. Click Edit on the email flow that you would like to customize

3. Click the pencil icon to edit an email template

4. In the email content block on the right-hand side, click and drag the recommend products block and drop in the position you want on the email template

Your product recommendations placeholder will now show in the email template. 

Edit the product recommendation block settings

Adjust the display settings of your product recommendation block.

📝 Note: You cannot specify products displayed in the product recommendation block. Marsello's algorithm will automatically personalize products for individual customers.

1. Click on the product recommendation block in your email template

2. In the General column on the right, you can adjust the following settings:

  • Container Padding - how much empty-space is around the block
    Clicking More Options allows you to adjust padding for each side individually.
  • Button Text - the text that will be displayed on the button linking to the product in your store
  • Button Color - the color of the button linking to the product in your store
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