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Blacklist product categories from your loyalty program for BigCommerce
Blacklist product categories from your loyalty program for BigCommerce
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Blacklisting product categories allow you to exclude certain products and their categories from your loyalty program. By default, all products and their categories are included in your loyalty program.

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Exclude certain product categories from your loyalty program

1. In your Marsello admin, go to Settings
2. Under BigCommerce Order Rewarding, go to Do not reward points on products that belong to one of these categories
3. Select the product categories that you'd like to exclude from your loyalty program.


πŸ“ Note: You can exclude as many Product Categories from your loyalty program as needed
4. Click Automatically include new subcategories, if you also want subcategories to be blacklisted from your loyalty program (Optional).
5. Click Save
All products in that Product Category in BigCommerce will now be excluded from your loyalty program.


How it works – Your customers' experience

When your customer makes an order, Marsello automatically checks your order rewarding settings. If the order contains a product that has been blacklisted, the customer will not earn loyalty points for purchasing that product.
If the customer has other products in their order that aren't excluded from your loyalty program, they can earn points for purchasing those products.

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