Lightspeed Retail POS (X-Series): Enable POS Prompts with Marsello

Adding POS prompts to your registers at checkout is quick and easy with Marsello.

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For Lightspeed Retail (X-Series)POS merchants
Formerly known as Vend POS

Before you start

Ensure that the following installation has been completed:

  • Your POS site(s) are enabled under the Integrations page

  • Your Marsello account is billed via Lightspeed (contact support if you're unsure).

  • You have access to Workflows in your Lightspeed Retail (X-Series) POS admin

    • To check:

      1. In your Lightspeed Retail (X-Series) POS admin, go to Settings

      2. In your Settings navigation, check if Workflows is a visible settings option for your Lightspeed account.


Add POS prompts to your Lightspeed Retail (X-Series) POS account

1. In your Marsello app admin, go to Settings & More > Settings

2. Scroll down and select POS Prompts


3. [Optional]: Click Edit next to the prompt you wish to update to update the title and prompt text.


4. Toggle the on/off button to ON next to the prompt you wish to enable.


Enabled prompts will display across all registers at all enabled sites.

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