Add a Loyalty Program tile to Shopify POS
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Add Marsello as a 'tile' on your Shopify POS sales screen to easily access customers' loyalty rewards and email promotion discounts.

πŸ”“ Your first connected site is included in your Marsello Pro Plan's base rate:

Marsello's Shopify POS Integration is pre-built into your Shopify POS App. Using Marsello on Shopify POS, you can reward and engage with your most loyal customers without needing to click away or interrupt checkout.

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Add Marsello as a 'tile' on the Shopify POS sales screen

Adding the Marsello tile will allow your staff to apply the customer's available loyalty or promotional discounts directly from the sales screen on Shopify POS.
πŸ“ Note: You will need to make sure that you have the latest app version.

1. In the Shopify POS App's sales screen, tap Add tile


2. Under the tile settings, tap App


3. Under App extensions, click Add next to Marsello: Loyalty, Email & SMS


4. Tap Save to add the Marsello tile to your sales screen.
5. Optional: If you want to adjust the position of your Marsello tile, simply tap and drag the tile to the position you'd like it to display.

πŸ“ Note: The tile will not be clickable if the customer does not currently have any promotions available, this does not mean that the customer is not part of the loyalty program.

πŸ’‘Quick Tip: If you are working from an iPad to operate Shopify POS, it is recommended that you are using iOS 13 or higher as of September 30, 2022.


How it works – Your staff & customers' experience

The Marsello tile aims to make it easier and faster to reward and engage with your customers.

1. Add the customer's products that they want to purchase to the sale.
2. Add the customer to the sale by tapping Add Customer and then searching for them by name or email address. The Marsello tile will then update to display that customer's loyalty points balance and indicate if they have any available promotions to redeem (i.e. loyalty rewards or discount codes sent via email).


3. If the customer has discount promotions available, the staff member can tap the Marsello tile and then tap the discount title button to add the discount to the sale.


πŸ“ Note: Currently you can only redeem available % and $ off the entire order discount codes this way. We are working with Shopify to explore advanced reward options.

4. The discount will now be applied to the transaction, ready to checkout.


Once the sale has been completed, the customer will earn loyalty points for their purchase. If they also redeemed a discount as part of their order, then:

  • If they redeemed a loyalty reward, the loyalty points cost of that reward will be removed from their loyalty points balance.

  • OR If they redeemed an email promotion discount, the discount code will be removed from their account ensuring that they can't use it again.

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