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Marketing to your Loyal Customers Segment
Marketing to your Loyal Customers Segment

Marketing strategies to target your Loyal Customer Segment.

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Your Loyal customers are those who have ordered recently, order often and spend good money with you. These customers are a valuable segment and with effective targeted marketing, you can turn them into your best customers. You'll find marketing suggestions to help you along the way in your Marsello Dashboard.


Reward Loyalty with a Loyalty Program

Encourage your Loyal customers to keep shopping with you. Reward points for spend, product reviews, sharing on social media and more. Create a beautifully branded Loyalty Program here.

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Add VIP tiers to your Loyalty Program

Reward your loyal customers even more with a tiered VIP program to show them you value them and encourage them to become your best customers. Add Tiers to your program under Loyalty Tiers.


Delight Customers on Their Birthday

Delight your loyal customers with a special birthday offer or cheerful message to get them shopping. Automate the a Happy Birthday email. Turn on the Say Happy Birthday Flow under Automations.


Add a Referral Reward to your Loyalty Program

Your loyal customers can be a powerful marketing asset. Encourage them to tell their friends about your store with a referral program to help you acquire more like-minded customers. Add a Referral program to your Loyalty Program under Loyalty > Referral Program

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