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Marketing to your At Risk Customers Segment
Marketing to your At Risk Customers Segment

Marketing strategies to target your At Risk Customer Segment

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Your At Risk customers are those who haven't ordered recently. This segment needs your attention - Customers in here are at risk of slipping away and forgetting about you. It's not all doom and gloom though. You'll find marketing suggestions to help you win them back in your Marsello Dashboard.


Win Back Lapsed Customers

Bring back customers who haven’t shopped in a while with an automated email flow designed to win them back, perfectly timed with product recommendations and a discount across three emails. Turn on the Win Back Lapsed Customers Flow under

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Loyalty Program + Feedback Collection

You can learn a lot from customers who might fall into the At Risk segment. Turning on a Loyalty Program here gives you the chance to enable automated Feedback Collection after every purchase. Collect private customer feedback and turn unhappy customers around by responding with a personal message and offering loyalty points. You can turn Feedback on here.

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