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  • Complete your Cin7 + Marsello Connection
  • How to find your Cin7 API Username & Key
    > Update your Cin7 API Key permissions
  • How to create your Cin7 'Marsello Discount' Product

Before you get started

For optimal performance, Marsello requires an exclusive API Connection. This is to ensure that your customers, orders, and products are processed in real-time as much possible.

If you have another App using your API key, please reach out to Cin7 to ask for another API Connection for Marsello.

📝 Please note: Cin7 API has an interaction limit, so if you have more than one 3rd party app using the same API connection this may cause data syncing delays.

Complete your Cin7 + Marsello Connection

After you install Marsello, you'll need to do a couple more steps to complete your Cin7 connection. You'll need to enter the following information into Marsello:

  • Your Cin7 API Username
  • Your Cin7 API Key
  • Your Cin7 'Marsello Discount' product URL

How to find your Cin7 API details

1. In your Cin7 admin, go to the Settings section

2. Under Settings, click Integrations & API

3. Under Configure your integrations, click API v1

4. Next to API Username, copy your API Username

5. In the Marsello pop-up, next to API username, paste your Cin7 API Username

6. In Cin7, add an API Connection to access your new API Key or if you are repurposing an API connection, you'll need to regenerate your API Key.

ℹī¸ For more information on API connections please see Cin7's API V1 help center article or contact their Support team. Before repurposing a current API key, please ensure that you are happy to disconnect the 3rd party that may be currently using this API connection.

7. Copy your Cin7 API Key

8. In the Marsello pop-up, next to API Key, paste your Cin7 API Key

Update your Cin7 API Key permissions

9. In Cin7, next to your API connection, click Permissions

10. Please check/update your API key permissions to match the permissions selected below:

11. Click Save

How to create a 'Marsello Discount' Product in Cin7

1. In your Cin7 admin, go to Products

2. Click Create New Product

3. Next to Product Name, please enter 'Marsello Discount'

4. Next to Stock Control, please select Non Stock

5. Click Save & Continue

6. In the URL bar, please copy your entire Product URL

7. In your Marsello admin, in the Complete your Cin7 connection pop-up enter your entire Product URL.

8. Click Authenticate

When you click Authenticate, Marsello will start the initial customer sync and link your Cin7 'Marsello Discount' product to your Marsello account.

  • Initial customer sync: Marsello will use your API to sync all of your customers in your Cin7 database into your Marsello database. Please note: This can take 1-3 days depending on the size of your database.
  • Link your Cin7 'Marsello Discount' product: You'll now be able to create loyalty rewards and email discounts that your staff will be able to redeem for customers at Cin7 POS.

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