ℹ️ Your first site (eCommerce or POS) is included in Marsello's Free and base Pro Plan. To use Marsello on your Shopify POS, please enable the required sites under the Integrations page.

🔓 Additional sites are unlocked on the Marsello Pro Plan. Learn more on pricing.

Marsello's Shopify POS Integration is pre-built into your Shopify POS App. Using Marsello on Shopify POS, you can reward and engage with your most loyal customers and access personalized product recommendations without needing to click away or interrupt checkout.

Having personalized product recommendations within Shopify POS will make it easy for staff to cross-sell and up-sell with recommendations customers will love. Marsello’s AI looks at the products added to the sale and instantly populates recommendations based on what similar customers have frequently bought together with these products.

In this article:

  • Add Product Recommendations as a 'tile' on the Shopify POS sales screen
  • How it works – Your staff & customers' experience

Add Marsello as a 'tile' on the Shopify POS sales screen

Adding the Marsello tile will allow your staff to see personalized product recommendations for the customer directly from the sales screen on Shopify POS.

📝 Note: You will need to make sure that you have the latest Shopify POS app version.

1. In the Shopify POS App's sales screen, tap Add tile

2. Under the tile settings, tap App

3. Under Add an app to the grid, tap Marsello | Loyalty Marketing

3. Under Marsello > Product Recommendations tap Add +

4. Tap Done to add the Marsello Product Recommendations tile to your sales screen.

📝 Note: If you want to adjust the position of your Marsello tile, simply tap-and-drag the tile to the position you'd like it to display.

Your Marsello tile will now show on the sales screen showing the customer's product recommendations they have available.

How it works–Your staff & customers' experience

Staff Member

The customer will approach the counter with the items they'd like to purchase. The staff member will then add the products and the customer to the sale as normal. Then, the staff member will be able to tap the new Marsello | Loyalty Marketing X products available tile.

This will then display products that are recommended for this customer. This will also show stock levels of the product.

Note: If the product is currently 'Out of Stock' the staff member can click to see if that product is available at any of the other store locations for the customer.

The staff member will recommend the product(s) to the customer based on their purchase history and customers like them and be able to choose if they would also like to purchase that product.

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