When you connect your POS and/or eCommerce store to Marsello, your customer database will automatically synced into Marsello. 

If you have a customer list that is not yet in your POS and/or eCommerce store, you will need to get an export of your customer list that includes:

  • First name (required)
  • Last name
  • Email address (required)
  • Points balance (if applicable)
  • Mobile (if applicable)   

⚠️ Important: Before you start this process, please review your customer to make sure that you are only importing customers who accept marketing from your store.

In this article:

  • Prepare your customer database CSV file ready to import into Marsello
  • Import your customer database CSV file into Marsello

Prepare your CSV file ready to import into Marsello

To ensure that your customer list is successfully imported into Marsello, it is important to update your CSV file format following the below steps. 

1. Open your CSV as a spreadsheet

2. Delete all columns except the following:

  • First Name (values are required)
  • Last Name 
  • Email Address (values are required)
  • Points Balance (values are required, please include a 0 if not applicable)
  • Mobile

⚠️ Important: The customer's first name and email address are required. If these values are missing, the CSV. file cannot be imported into Marsello. 

3. Update your column heading text to be the following:

  • First Name Column → Firstname
  • Last Name Column → Lastname
  • Email Address Column → Email
  • Points Balance Column → Points
  • Mobile Number Column → Mobile

📝 Note: When adding the Mobile and Points values, please keep in mind: 

  • Email & Mobile: Only import valid email addresses and mobile numbers
  • Mobile: When entering please include the customer's country code or if you don't have the customer's mobile number, please leave this blank.
  • Points: If you don't want to adjust customers' points balances, please enter 0 to the points column. 

4. Save your file a as a .CSV file

💡Quick Tip: To save a file as a .CSV, in the spreadsheet tool, this can often be found under Export to or Download as in the settings menu. 

Import your customer database CSV file into Marsello

1. In your Marsello Admin, go to Customers

2. Under Customers, click Actions

3. In the drop-down, select Import Customers

4. Select your points import option: 

  • Add points to customers' existing points balance (recommended)
    This will add the points column value to the customers' profile. E.g. if the points value is 0, it will add 0 point to the customers' account. 
  • Replace customers' current balance with points amount in CSV
    This will replace the points column value to the customers' profile. E.g. if the points value is 10, it will replace the customers' current points balance with the new points balance, 10, from the CSV import.

5. Under Tag any imported customer(s) with the label: You can enter a custom tag name (optional).  
This will automatically tag the customer's profile in Marsello with the custom tag when imported. 

💡Quick Tip: If you are importing a specific list from another platform, adding a custom tag will allow you to create a group of segments. 

6. Click Upload file to start import

⚠️ Important: By importing customers you are confirming that any newly added customers' accept marketing. Please remove any customers who don't accept marketing from your CSV. before uploading.

7.  Click Upload data from file, then select the CSV file from your computer

8. Double check if the first row of your spreadsheet is the Column Name (titles), 

  • If the first row does contain your Column Names, click Yes 
  • If the first row doesn't contain your Column Names, click No

    📝 Please note: You may need to re-format your CSV file and the upload again.  

9. Double check your Column names (titles) match Marsello's customer fields

📝 Note: This is to ensure your customer's details are populated in the correct field in their Marsello profile i.e. the customer's first name is populated in the 'Firstname' field. 

10. Review your CSV File. Click the toggle Only show rows with problems to see the customer row(s) that may not be able to be imported into Marsello.

Common reasons include:

  • The row is blank and doesn't include any details
  • The first name doesn't start with a letter or includes special characters e.g. #$^&
  • The email must contain a valid email address 
  • The mobile must start with a + or numbers e.g. +6127123123 or 027123123
  • The CSV file contains over 100,000 customers (100,000 is the maximum number of customers who can be imported at one time)

11. Fix any rows with problems

12. Click Complete to start importing your CSV file.  

Your CSV File will automatically start to import into Marsello. 

📝 Note: This import may take 10-20 minutes, depending on the size of your database.

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