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SMS Campaigns Add-on Feature

SMS Campaigns are unlocked as an add-on feature on the Marsello Pro Plan.
Because SMS Campaigns are a Marsello Pro add-on feature, they fall under a different pricing model. This allows you to choose a SMS plan that suits your SMS sending needs.  

There are a variety of tiered monthly SMS subscription plans with different SMS Credit allocations to choose from. See full list of SMS plans here.

SMS Credits are the 'cost' of sending an SMS Campaign. Each time that you send an SMS Campaign, it will use a certain number of credits which are based on the location of the each individual customer. 

Certain locations cost more credits than others, see full list of supported countries and the credit cost per SMS here

Choosing an SMS Plan

When choosing an SMS plan, you should consider two things: the number of customers you can send SMS marketing to and the number of SMS campaigns you plan to send a month.

Customers who can receive SMS marketing
SMS marketing laws and regulations require you to have the customer's permission in order to send them SMS campaigns. The customer must also have a valid mobile number (that includes their country code) in their Marsello customer profile.  

📖 Learn more: How to create segment of SMS subscribers

SMS Campaigns Frequency

SMS Campaigns best practice recommends sending 2 - 4 SMS campaigns per month.
You can send more or less, however, it is important that you set clear expectations with your customers on how many campaigns they will receive from your store.

Subscribe to an SMS plan

Once you have decided which SMS plan is right for your store, simply:

1. Click Choose plan

2. Enter your payment details

3. Confirm your SMS plan

Your credit card will then be charged according to your selected SMS plan and you'll receive the associated SMS credit allocation.

Important things to note:

  • SMS is a monthly subscription: every month, on the date that you subscribed to your SMS plan, your credit card will be charged and the SMS credits will be added to your account.
  • Rollover credits: don't worry if you don't use all your credits in a month, these credits will roll-over into the next month. SMS Credits only rollover one month at a time, these credits won't rollover into the 2nd month!
    🤓 Example: If you receive your SMS credits on the 15th January, they'll expire on the 15th March. 
  • SMS credits are non-refundable. 

Updating your SMS plan:
You can upgrade or downgrade your plan based on your SMS Campaign sending habits.

  • Upgrade: If you need more SMS credits to meet your sending needs, you can upgrade to the next plan. This will automatically charge you the difference between the two SMS pricing plans and give you the difference between the pricing plan credits.
    🤓 Example: If you are on $50 plan with 1,500 credits, then you upgrade to the $100 plan with 3,100 credits. You will be charged the difference, $50, and then receive 1,600 additional credits. Then, on your next billing cycle you'll be charged $100 and given 3,100 credits. 
  • Downgrade: If you want to downgrade your SMS plan, you can downgrade at any time. There is no charge associated and you'll keep your current SMS credit balance until your credits expire.
    🤓 Example: If you are on $100 plan and you downgrade to the $50 plan, you will not be charged and will keep your current SMS credit balance. Then, on your next billing cycle you'll be charged $50 and receive 1,500 credits.  
  • Cancel: If you no longer want to subscribe for an SMS plan, you can pause your SMS account by downgrading to the $0 plan with 0 credits. There is no charge associated and you'll keep your current SMS credit balance until your credits expire. You will no longer be charged. 

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