🔓 Email campaigns are unlocked on the Marsello Pro Plan.

In this article:

  • Choose your audience and email settings
  • Customize your email template
  • Schedule your email campaign
  • How it works – Your customers' experience

Choose your audience and email settings

1. In the Marsello admin, go to Marketing > Campaigns 

2. Click New Campaign 

3. Click Create email campaign

Choose your campaign's audience

4. Select to send to your entire customer database, or specific customer segment(s).

⚠️ Important: Email campaigns will only be sent to customers who are subscribed to your email marketing channel, have a valid email address and accept your marketing. Learn more

Customize your email settings 

1.  Enter your subject line

💡 Quick tip: Have a clear and concise subject line. Tell your customers why they are receiving the email and the value they'll get from opening it. This will encourage customers to open your emails and read what's inside.  

Under Boost Your Campaign:

  • Select the checkbox to automatically resend your campaign to customers who haven't opened the campaign after 48 hours
  • Enter a NEW subject line to re-capture your customers' attention

 2. Check your Sender Name 

💡 Quick tip: It's important to let your customers' know it's you. Include your store's name as your Sender name to help promote customer trust. 

3. Check your Reply To Email Address *

* Set up your custom domain in order to receive your customers' replies.

4. Enter your Campaign name

This campaign name is internal only and is to help you identify your campaign in the Campaigns dashboard.

5. Click Next Step to design your email template.  

Customize your email template

Start with a pre-built email template that already includes your branding; logo and social media links. Then, easily customize your email template by simple drag-and-drop content blocks, styling and more! No digital design knowledge required.  

📝 Note: If your store logo isn't displayed on your email template, you'll need to update your email brand settings. This will automatically populate your logo and social media links on all your marketing email templates.  

1. Choose content block to drag-and-drop into your email template

Simple content blocks include:

  • Columns block
  • Button block 
  • Divider block
  • Heading Block – Personalize your email content and include merge tag such as first name, loyalty points, VIP tier and unique referral program link.
  • Text block – Personalize your email content and include merge tag such as first name, loyalty points, VIP tier and unique referral program link. 
  • Image block – Add campaign images or product images to your email content. You can also add effects to your images, e.g. text overlay from the block settings. 

Advanced content blocks include:

  • HTML Block – use HTML code to build your email from scratch
  • Menu Block – add in your store's menu links for easy shopping with minimal clicks required
  • Store Logo block – Auto add your store's logo from your email settings 
  • Social Icons – Auto add your store's social media links from your email settings
  • Product block – Showcase a specific product from your store to your email content
  • Video block – Add a video URL to embed a hosted video in your email content 
  • Discount block – Add a discount to your campaign to incentivize customers to shop again. This will automatically create discount codes in your store's connections (eCommerce and/or POS) that your customers can use either online or in-store. Please note: Discount codes are unique and can only be used once.  
  • Shop Now (eCommerce only) – Link your customers' directly to the home page of your online store
  • Product recommendations block – Increase order value with recommended products for each customer based on their previous purchases and other customers just like them
  • Timer Block – Create a sense of urgency by adding a countdown to an important date like a sale or amount of time left to redeem a discount

2. Click Save

3. Send a test email (optional). If you want to preview your email campaign before you send, simply:

  • Click Send Test Email
  • Enter your email address 
  • Click OK

⚠️ Important: Dynamic email content like discounts and product recommendations will not be displayed in test emails. Test emails are designed to preview the design and proof read the content. If you would like to test the full customer experience, you can follow these instructions.

This will send a test of your email campaign to your email address.  

7. Click Next Step

This will automatically save your email campaign content ready to send to your customers. 

Review & send (or schedule) your email campaign

1. Review your subject line, Sender name, customers and segments settings

2. Review your email campaign
Under Preview, Check your email campaign content and look carefully for typos before sending. 

3. Choose when to send your email campaign

  • Send now – This will queue your email campaign to send right away. 
  • Schedule for later – Choose the date and time that you'd like to send your email campaign. 

4. Click Send Now (or Schedule Campaign)

This will set-up your email campaign to send at your desired time and date.

How it works – Your customers' experience

When the customer receives the email campaign, they'll be able to open it and engage with your content, such as:  

  • Text block merge tags – This will populate the content specific to the customer e.g. First name = Karen, Points balance = 156, VIP Tier = Gold Star
  • Shop now block – This will lead the customer to the home page of your online store
  • Discount block – The customer will see a Claim Code button which they can click to claim their unique discount code to use on their next purchase. 
  • Product recommendations block – The customer will see unique products based on their purchase history and customers just like them.  

    📖 Learn more: Add content content blocks to your email template.  

If the customer decides they no longer want to receive email campaigns from your store, they can click the unsubscribe text link at the bottom of your email. They can then choose the types of emails they would like to unsubscribe from. This will then automatically update their Marsello customer profile and remove email as an available channel to contact the customer on. 

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