Tags are labels you create to organize and manage your customers. You can manually add a tag to individual or group of customers in Marsello. This allows you to create custom segment to send targeted marketing to and more. 

In this article:

  • How to tag an individual customer in Marsello
  • How to tag a group of customers in Marsello
  • How to use customer tag(s) to create a custom segment

How to tag an individual customer in Marsello

1. In your Marsello Admin, go to Customers

2. Search for the customer by name or email address

3. Under the customer's details, click Edit

This will open a pop-up where you can edit the customer's details.

4. Under Custom tags, click into the text box and enter your desired Tag Name 

5. Click Save

The customer's profile will automatically be tagged with your custom tag and will be displayed under the customer's details.  

How to tag a group of customers' in Marsello

In order to bulk tag a group of customers, you will need to use Marsello's import feature.

📝 Note: This will not duplicate any customers' account, it will match the customer's email address and then add a custom tag to their profile. 

Prepare your CSV file ready to import into Marsello

If you have a specific list of customers that you want to tag from your POS/eCommerce platform or previous email marketing tool, please get an export and then follow the below steps to format it ready for the Marsello importer. 

1. In a spreadsheet, add the following column headings:

  • Firstname (required)
  • Lastname
  • Email (required)
  • Points (Please add 0 to the points column if not applicable)
  • Mobile (Please leave this blank you don't have the customer's mobile number)

2. Enter the names and email addresses of the customers' who you want to tag with your custom tag. 

⚠️ Important: Delete all the columns and rows that are blank from your CSV file.
These are columns that don't include a column header and rows that don't include customer details.

3. Save your file a as a .CSV file

💡Quick Tip: To save a file as a .CSV, in the spreadsheet platform, this can often be found under Export to or Download as in the settings menu. 

Import your CSV file into Marsello

1. In your Marsello Admin, go to Customers

2. Under Customers, click Actions

3. In the drop-down select Import Customers

4. Select Add points to customers' existing points balance

5. Under Tag any imported customer(s) with the label: enter a custom tag name.
This will automatically tag the customer's profile in Marsello with the custom tag when imported into Marsello.  

💡Quick Tip: If you are importing a specific list from another platform, adding a custom tag will allow you to create a group of segments

6. Click Upload file to start import

7.  Click Upload data from file, then select the CSV file from your computer

8. Double check if the first row of your spreadsheet is the Column Name (titles), 

  • If the first row does contain your Column Names, click Yes 
  • If the first row doesn't contain your Column Names, click No
    Please note you may need to re-format your CSV file and the upload again.  

9. Double check your Column names (titles) match Marsello's customer fields

📝 Note: This is to ensure your customer's details are populated in the correct field in their Marsello profile i.e. the customer's first name is populated in the 'Firstname' field. 

10. Review your CSV File. Click the toggle Only show rows with problems to see the customer row(s) that may not be able to be imported into Marsello.

Common reasons include:

  • The row is blank and doesn't include any details
  • The first name doesn't start with a letter or includes special characters e.g. #$^&
  • The email must contain a valid email address 
  • The mobile must start with a + or numbers e.g. +6127123123 or 027123123
  • The CSV file contains over 100,000 customers (100,000 is the maximum number of customers who can be imported at one time)

11. Fix any rows with problems

12. Click Complete to start importing your CSV file.  

The CSV File will automatically start to import. When the import is complete, the group of customers' will be tagged with your custom tag.

📝 Note: This import may take up to 4 hours, depending on the size of your database.

How to use customer tag(s) to create a custom segment

1. In your Marsello admin, go to Customers, then click Segments

2. Click Create Segment

3. Name your custom segment

4. Click Select Condition to add your first segment condition

5. In the Select Condition' drop-down, select Custom Tag

6. Next to the Custom Tag field, select is as the operator   

7. Then, select your custom tag

8.  Click Add Condition to add another condition to your segment (if needed)

You can add as many conditions to your segment as you like. 

9. Click Preview Segment to see a sample of the customers who meet your segment conditions 

10. Click Save and Create Segment

Your segment will then be created and added to your Segments dashboard and also in Campaigns as an audience option so you can send this segment an email campaign.

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