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  • How it works – Your customers' experience

Making a Purchase earning points settings

Every time a customer makes a purchase, their order is automatically synced to Marsello. If you have the Making a Purchase earn points option enabled, your customers will also earn points for their purchase.

If the customer wants to cancel or return their order, Marsello can automatically remove the points they earned for their purchase.

Under the Loyalty program settings, you can see when loyalty points are removed. By default, your customers' loyalty points are removed when if their order's payment status is Voided.

Choose when customers' loyalty points are removed

1. In your Marsello admin, go to Settings

2. Under Vend Order Rewarding, click Cancel Points when Payment Status is one of:

3. From the drop-down, click to add or remove your preferred Payment Status option

📝 Note: By default, Marsello selects all of the Vend Payment Status' options. 

4. Click Save 

How to check the order's payment status in Vend:

1.  In your Vend Admin, go to Sell

2. Click Sales History

3. Search for the order by Customer Name or Receipt Number

4. On the order line item, you can see the order's Payment Status

How it works – Your customers' experience

When the customer returns their order or the sale is canceled, their order and the order's updated payment status is automatically synced to your Marsello account.

If the order's new payment status matches your Marsello Order Rewarding settings, the customer's loyalty points will automatically be removed from their loyalty profile. 

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