No, there's no need to manually create loyalty reward discount codes. Marsello's loyalty program automatically generates unique loyalty reward discount codes when the customer claims a loyalty reward.

📝 Note: All loyalty program discount codes are unique and can only be used once.  

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In this article:

  • How Marsello generates loyalty reward discount codes
  • How it works - your customers experience

How Marsello generates loyalty reward discount codes

When you create a loyalty reward, Marsello automatically saves your reward conditions, ready for customers to start claiming rewards.  

Then, each time a customer spends points to claim a loyalty reward discount code, Marsello automatically creates a unique discount code in your POS and/or eCommerce platform behind the scenes. This unique discount code is then displayed to the customer, ready for them to use on their next purchase.

How it works - Your customers' experience

When a customer is logged in to their loyalty profile, they can see a list of rewards.
If they have enough points to claim a reward, they will be able to click the Claim button next to the reward.

If the customer clicks Claim, this will generate a unique discount code for the customer and will display it on their loyalty profile. The customer can view their unique reward discount code at any time through the loyalty widget. 

If you have your Reward Coupon Email enabled, the customer will also receive their unique discount code by email. They can then save it for future reference when they are ready to make their next purchase.  

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