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The following are step-by-step instructions on how to redeem the customer's loyalty or promotional discounts at through Kounta. Redeeming rewards at POS is easy and only takes a matter of seconds.

In this article:

  • How to redeem a loyalty or promotional discount
  • FAQ
  • Types of rewards you can create for POS

How to redeem a loyalty or promotional discount

You can apply available loyalty and promotional discounts directly from the customer's profile on Kounta. 

1. Open your Kounta sale screen.

2. Add products to the sale.

2. Add the customer to the sale by searching by name or email address.

3. Then, the Marsello customer profile will display under the Kounta customer account. Here you can:

  • See their current loyalty points balance
  • See their available loyalty and promotional discounts.

4. Tap the reward discount you would like to redeem. 

Then, the loyalty discount will automatically be added to the sale and the points cost of that reward will be removed from the customer's profile straight away. 

5. Complete the sale.


Does the points cost get removed from their points balance when they redeem a reward?
Yes, as soon as a reward is added to the sale, the customer's points balance is adjusted, removing the points cost.

Types of rewards you can create for POS

We recommend only using simple storewide discounts for in-store:

✨ $ off storewide
✨ % off storewide

There are 10 types of rewards that you can create, please note that the advanced rewards require strict staff training so that they are correctly redeemed in-store.

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