🔓 Campaigns are unlocked on the Marsello Pro Plan.

How to choose your campaign audience 

1. From the Marsello admin, click on Campaigns

2. Click the New Campaign button, or select the Drafts tab and edit an existing campaign.

On the Campaign Settings page, you can choose the audience you'd like to send your campaign to.

3. Choose if your campaign should be sent to all of your customers or only to specified customer segments.

📝Note: Campaigns will only be sent to customers who are subscribed to your email marketing, have a valid email address and have selected to 'accept marketing'

4. If you are sending to customer segments, tick the boxes for the segments you'd like to include in your email campaign

> Learn more about customer segmentation

💡Tip: You can select multiple segments for a single campaign to send to. Keep in mind the subject matter and ensure you are only sending to appropriate customers.

5. Click the Next Step button to proceed with your campaign setup

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