🔓 VIP Program is unlocked on the Marsello Pro Plan.

Customers will automatically enter your VIP tiers when they earn enough points to enter the VIP tier. You can manually add or remove customers into VIP tiers on the customer's loyalty profile. 

In this article:

  • How to add a customer to a specific VIP tier
  • How it works – Your customers' experience

How to add a customer to a specific VIP tier

1. In the Marsello admin, go to Customers

2. Search for the customer by name or email address

3. Select the customer by clicking on their Name

4. Under their customer profile, click Assign to VIP tier

4. Under Choose VIP Tier, select the VIP tier you want to add the customer to

📝 Note: This is the same process if you would like to remove the customer from their current VIP tier.

How it works – your customers' experience

The next time the customer makes a purchase in-store or online, they will earn points using the VIP tier's earning points rules e.g. 2 points for every $1 spent.  

The customer's VIP status will be displayed on your loyalty widget earn tab. Here, they can identify how many points they've ever earned and how many points they can earn with each purchase. 

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