Choose from 12 loyalty data points to sync to your MailChimp customer list and make custom MailChimp segments for super-targeted campaigns.

Select the data points you'd like to sync on the MailChimp integration page.

> Learn how to connect MailChimp to your Marsello account

Create custom segments in MailChimp

1. In your MailChimp admin navigation, go to Lists

2. Select the list you'd like to segment

3. On the list page, click New Segment

4. Click + Add to create a new segmentation condition

From the drop down options, select the loyalty data that you would like to add to your segment.
Examples of conditions you may like to apply to a MailChimp segment: 

  • Days Since Last Order is 30
    Email customers who haven't shopped in a while
  • Points Balance is greater than 500
    Remind customers with a high loyalty point balance to come to your store and redeem a reward
  • Customer Segment is Best
    Reach out to your customers who order regularly and spend the most to extend special offers.
    > Learn more about Marsello's exclusive Customer Segmentation features

5. Click Preview Segment to view the updated segment of your customer list. You can then save your segment for later, or send an email campaign directly.

💡Tip: Remember to check your Marsello Email Flows before sending a MailChimp campaign to ensure you aren't repeating the same conditions.

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