If you previously used Vend's default loyalty system, you may want to import the loyalty dollars of your customers and convert them into Marsello Loyalty Points.

In this article:

  • Preparing your CSV file for import
  • Changing your point balances
  • Import your CSV file

Preparing your CSV file for import

1. Export a .CSV file of your customer database from Vend by going to the Customers page and clicking Export List

📝Note: The Export List feature is only available on a Desktop or Laptop
You can find the full guide to exporting your customer database from Vend, here.

2. Open your .CSV file and delete all columns that are not first_name, last_name, loyalty_balance, and email 

3. Edit your .CSV file to have the order and headings below: 

Pay careful attention to the formatting of your spreadsheet's columns. The category names in your exported file will not automatically match the formatting that is required when importing into the Marsello database, so you will need to update these.

Changing your point balances

In Marsello Loyalty, by default, your customers earn one loyalty point for every dollar they spend. To match the earning rate of Collect Loyalty, you will need to multiply your customers' Vend Loyalty dollars by the amount they spend to earn each dollar. E.g. if your customers earn 1 loyalty dollar for every $10 they spend, you will multiply your customers' Vend Loyalty balances by 10.

You can check the rate your customers earn in Vend Loyalty dollars, by clicking on Setup in the side panel of your point-of-sale, then click Loyalty.

Update Vend Loyalty balances to new balances for Marsello:

1. Multiply the first number by the earning rate in the cell to the right of the PointsBalance column. Example: 

2. Drag this formula all the way down the column to the last entry

These new values are the Marsello loyalty points you will update your customers with. Rename this column PointsBalance and delete the previous PointsBalance column.

Import your CSV file

1. In your Marsello admin, go to Customers

2. Click Import customers/points in the top right corner

3. In the Import customers/points pop-up, click Choose File and select your customer database CSV file

Select your import option:

  • Add points to customers' existing points balance
  • Replace customers' current balance with points amount in CSV

5. Click Start Import

Your customer database import will start. This import may take 10-20 minutes, depending on the size of your database.

📝  Note: Any customers uploaded with points will become an active customer.

If you need a hand, please let us know at help@marsello.com or via the chat icon at the bottom right of your screen.

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