If you use Vend on an iPad, you will need to install the Marsello Vend POS Extension app from the Apple app store.

The app allows you to view customers' points balances and available rewards from within the Vend sales screen, then redeem these easily.

Installing the Marsello Vend POS Extension app

1. Launch the App Store on your iPad

📝Note: The Marsello app will have to be installed on each iPad that you use to process sales.

2. In the App Store, search for "Marsello", or access the app directly, here

3. Tap on the app listing and then tap Get to install the app

📝Note: The Marsello app displays a log in screen, however once it is installed, it is automatically connected to your Vend account so you don't have to log in.

Activate Marsello in the Vend Register app

4. Open the Vend Register app on your iPad

5. On the Sell Screen, tap the Share icon in the top-right corner

6. Tap the More button

7. Toggle the Marsello for Vend option on

Once Marsello is activated, you can access the loyalty features when processing sales in your Vend app ✨

What's next?

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