If you process sales in your store with Vend on an Apple iPad, you can access Marsello from directly within the Vend Register iOS app.

📝Note: You'll need to install the Marsello Vend POS Extension app on your device first. Ensure that you have the app installed on every iPad that you use to process sales.

1. On your iPad, launch the Vend Register app

2. In the app, add products to your sale

3. In the Add a customer field, start typing your customers name and select them from the customer list

If they are a new customer, type in their full name and click the '+ Add as a new customer' link

4. Once you've selected the customer, tap on the Share icon in the top-right corner

4. Under the Share icon, tap Marsello for Vend

5. This will display the customer's Marsello account with their available rewards ✨

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