When a customer has earned enough points, they can spend them to redeem a reward in-store by telling the staff member at checkout.

💡Pro tip: It's a great idea to train your staff to ask the customer if they are part of your loyalty program and to check if they are eligible for any rewards. 

In this article:

  • How staff redeem rewards in Vend POS on Google Chrome (Laptop or Desktop)
  • Types of rewards you can create for POS

How staff redeem rewards in Vend POS

If you use Vend POS on a desktop or laptop computer, ensure you have installed the Google Chrome extension for Marsello on every computer you use in-store.

1. Add the customer to the sale by searching for them by name or email address 

2. Add products to the sale 

3. Click the customer's name again to open their customer profile.
Click Check Rewards.

4. From the list of their available rewards, select one and click Redeem

The discount will automatically be added to the sale and the points cost will be removed from the customer's account right away

📝 Note: When a $ off or a % off discount is added to the sale, it is displayed as another line item on the POS screen titled 'Dollar Discount', similar to a product line. This can be expanded to view more details.

5. Complete the sale

Types of rewards you can create for POS

We recommend only using simple storewide discounts for in-store use:

✨ $ off storewide
✨ % off storewide

However, there are 10 types of rewards that you can create if you have strict staff training so that they are correctly redeemed in-store.

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